Reply To: PSTEC and memory loss problem

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Indigo…

    “I can't push away impression that psctec gave me memory loss,
    You see the belief aspect there?  If you hold tightly to the belief that your efforts to transcend something are futile or sabotaged, you will have a difficult time finding success.

    Again, with the CT work being weeks or months prior AND the fact that they don't erase memory in any way whatsoever, that is not the cause.  But, if your mind creates a belief to the contrary, you will be better to address those beliefs with PSTEC Positive before moving forward with more CT work.

    or better to say maybe I was doing it in a wrong way… Maybe I need guidance…
    You are worth it, Indigo and, sometimes, all it takes it a session or two to get you moving on the right track.