Reply To: PSTEC and memory loss problem


    After a while, I start to notice that something is wrong with my memory.
    Like I am in some kind of fog, and am not aware of all things what happening in present.
    Or when I am out of fog… it was manifesting in a way that my short term memory is terrible! Never happened to me before! I was little memo for all guys around me.

    The most common cause of short term memory loss is stress and depression. When you say you are in some kind of fog, that sounds similar to depression. And social phobia gives a lot of stress. Those are the kind of areas that would affect memory and concentration. The click tracks don't affect memory, they neutralise emotions. I've run the click tracks over one thousand times and my memory is just fine. In fact it's brought back some forgotten childhood memories :)

    If you feel fear of using the click track, you can focus on that fear and run the click track on it :)