Reply To: specific and non-specific repatterning

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha!  It's difficult to ascertain from your post, but it appears that you have been using your PSTEC Tools for some Non=specific Repatterning thus far.  I could be wrong about that, but, in reality, it does not really matter how you classify this and, thus, why Tim did not go into a long dissertation on it.

    Let's say you are feeling anxious most times in life.  You begin to use the CT's on those anxious feelings while either focusing on past memories that still carry that anxious feeling or some future possible event that makes you nervous.  So, you CT those feelings and those events and then move onto the next feeling you have that is unpleasant.  You see?  You are working generally and, although specific when noticing the memories and imagined events, you are approaching the therapy in a non-specific manner.

    Another great example and a wonderful exercise for anyone to work with is to look at the memories you have that are unpleasant and if you still feel bad about them, wish they never happened, think that your life would have been drastically different without them or you wish you could forget them all (or all of the above  ;) ), then list them and just start using the CT's on them all.  I would begin with the earlier ones first because, it's likely (but, not always) that they are more foundational and can help you to collapse your emotional issues much more quickly.

    A specific approach might be that you are anxious when speaking in front of a group of people that numbers more than 5.  So, to focus on that specific, hopefully, you have a scheduled speech or presentation coming soon where you can “test” your progress.  So, focus on the future event, rate it, then CT that future, imagined event.  Then, if memories arise that are similar, pay attention to them, jot them down and CT those as well.  Once the emotions are significantly lowered, consider using PSTEC Positive to help suggest beliefs and behaviors that would support your goal/target/desire.

    Another example might be that you have a fear of flying, so you apply the PSTEC Tools just to that activity so you can experience it with peace.

    So, the Non-Specific vs. Specific is more about how you approach your limiting issues than actually a method per se.

    Also, there are times when you are dealing with something where you may mix both specific and non-specific.

    So, basically, don't worry about it too much and keep clickin' on what's in front of you unless you have something you REALLY want to transcend right away, then you can focus specifically on that.

    Bottom line, keep clickin'… become a clickin' fool until you realize the results of living more and more free.

    Make sense?

    A Hui Hou!