Reply To: Couple Questions

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator


    “how can you tell if the emotions attached to the event were cleared if you couldn't really feel the negative feelings to begin with?”

    This depends upon how you progress through releasing the individual memories as well as the issue as a whole.  Here are some possibilities:

    • During the CT's you may begin to feel the feelings before they become neutralized, in which case, you will know when it's gone.
    • You may feel a shift in your body.  As someone, just today, described, 'Definitely felt a shift in my brain chemistry. Very powerful.'
      This is the result of the release of the cause of the non-JEEP issues and then the magnificence of your True Self coming through with JEEP.
    • You will find that you are taking different actions than before… you move more easily through Life, especially in taking actions and experiencing thoughts that are, again, accompanied by JEEP. ;D
    • Your perceptions change.  For example, before you CT'd you held anger and disdain for someone and once your issue with them is released (practicing unconditional forgiveness and releasing yourself from the suffering of holding onto the grievance), you find yourself in a state of compassion and your opinion of the person changes.  It does not mean you hang out with them if they are still exhibiting self-destructive behavior because, once released, you may not have to hang with someone that has that affect on you; but, you can still feel compassion for them.
    • [/list]You see, what happens, most of all, is that you “just know.”  You will know when it's not an issue… you will know when you are free.  This is about results, it's not about clearing the emotions.  Clearing the emotions is just the process, but what you are after is being free of them… true?  So, look for the results.
      “while I don't notice any major bad feelings when I run PP, I don't really feel JEEP when I'm doing PP either.”
      Ah, but do you notice some “minor” bad feelings?  So often, people CT until it's lower than it was, but that's not a part of the instructions from Tim, is it?  CT it until it's down to 0-1.  So, what it sounds like is that there are some non-JEEP feelings, just not overly strong ones, but those are the most dangerous because they are more covert.
      Remember, my simple instructions are:

      If it's non-JEEP, CT it!

      (It does not say, well, if it's a 2-3, don't worry about right now; it's not that bad … stop that!  CT them all!!  ;)
      “my PS still doesn't feel believable to me.”
      It could be that you have other beliefs that are in the way of that one you wish to shift.  For example, Let's say you feel clear to allow abundance in your life, financial relationship and otherwise.  But, the money does not flow to you… what's up.  Let's suppose you just don't express your work and talents to the world because you believe you have nothing new to offer or nothing of value, so you don't bother trying.
      There could be emotional issues at stake there and also belief issues.
      So, although you can allow abundance, not major blocks left, the belief you have no value to offer can get in the way as well.
      Make sense?
      If a PS does not feel True, ask why.  Why isn't that statement a True statement?
      Also, another idea is that you can use PS to help you begin to feel excited about doing and experiencing something.
      It all depends upon what the desire is.  If you feel stuck, it may make sense to work with an experienced practitioner from the Registry.
      “”now get that negative event OR thought in mind.”  What's the difference?  Can the thought be a situation/problem you're thinking of with no actual images/picutres in your mind? “
      The thought could be an imagined future event or state of being… in other words, once a certain trigger (person, place, thing or occurrence) comes into your experience, then you will react in a certain manner.
      Images and pictures or “videos” can be helpful, but not required.  Just imagine that the memory is occurring again or imagine that future event is happening now… you see?  You don't have to visualize, just imagine it… everyone can imagine past or future events.
      Don't over intellectualize this.  Trust yourself… your Inner, Higher Self.

      Malama Pono!