Reply To: Couple Questions


    how can you tell if the emotions attached to the event were cleared if you couldn't really feel the negative feelings to begin with?

    As Jeff said, you just know. You could try affirming a positive belief in relation to that event(maybe even use PP) to see if there is any resistance. That resistance would be the negative emotion and you can CT it.

    I've clicked on the negative emotions and while I don't notice any major bad feelings when I run PP, I don't really feel JEEP when I'm doing PP either.

    With PP you are installing beliefs, not an emotion so you won't necessarily feel much(although often you do). With PP, what you're looking for is not JEEP, but conviction. If you say a statement do you feel any slightest hint of truth in it. If you don't PP will struggle. But if you can find even 0.01% belief that there might be some truth in the statement then you can run PP with better results.

    One starting point is after a click track session you can use PP to affirm the process. Something like “I feel better about the event now.” Another starting point is instill beliefs about what you want e.g. “I want to be more organised”, “I want to be calmer.” Then you can start looking at installing beliefs about actually doing those things. Oh and also if you smile while using PP that can help a lot. Also when you are saying the belief during PP try to say it with conviction that helps too. If you get Advanced PStec that has a lot of good info about PP in there too(I think the info in there is just as goodas PP Secrets) and will help you believe in the process.

    I've noticed on click track #2, Tim says “now get that negative event OR thought in mind.”  What's the difference?  Can the thought be a situation/problem you're thinking of with no actual images/picutres in your mind?

    The click tracks break the connection between a stimulus and a negative emotion. That stimulus is usually(and preferably) a memory or an imagined event but it doesn't need images. It could be someone shouting at you, having to stand in front of people to make a speech, a sight, a sound or a feeling. Whatever it is, once it generates the negative emotion you CT while focusing on the emotion.