Reply To: Couple Questions


      Thanks for all the replies it has been a big help.  I have a couple more questions though.  My basic understanding is that before your PS can become effective, you have to clear any non-JEEP feelings first. IF I cant feel any truthfulness in the PS, does that in fact mean there are non-JEEP feelings that remain with any memories/imagined events that contradict the PS? (Assuming you've crafted your PS properly)  For example, I want to install a habit of exercising reguarly.  When I imagine myself working out I felt a little anxiety in my stomach maybe a 5 or a 6.  After clicking I dont really feel anxious anymore but I still dont feel like working out.  In Jeff's reply he said to keep clicking till perceptions change.  So I should keep clicking til I start to feel good about exercising then is that the right time to pull out PP?  I also noticed that I can get high non-JEEP feelings (7-10 level) down pretty quickly to a 2 or 3 level.  But once I reach that that low level I cant get it any lower to feel total JEEP or a perception change even after clicking several more times.  Any advice?