Reply To: Couple Questions

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha bj…

    “before your PS can become effective, you have to clear any non-JEEP feelings first.”
    It is helpful if the feelings are cleared, but they don't have to be “perfectly” clear… sometimes you can introduce PP in your personal work while still lowering the emotions.  But, with that said, lower them as much as possible AT LEAST in the moment.  Meaning: if you do a CT session on an issue and CT a memory or more and once those memories are down to 0-1 and you are feeling pretty much at peace, then go ahead and do a PP or two along those same lines.

    “IF I cant feel any truthfulness in the PS, does that in fact mean there are non-JEEP feelings that remain with any memories/imagined events that contradict the PS”
    It could be, but if there are emotions in the way, you will feel them.  What can also be in the way are other beliefs.  Without the details here, it's difficult to ascertain if it is that or if your PSTEC Positive Statement is just not effective in and of itself.

    For example, if your Intended PSTEC Positive Statement is…
    “Money flows in endless abundance to me.”
    (Note: This statement is not the best one but I am using this for the example)

    And, let's suppose you hold a strong belief like any of these…
    “The economy makes success in business almost impossible.”
    “Getting rich is a waste of time because the government will just take most of it anyway.”

    Do you see the conflict in those beliefs and why the intended one may have difficulties being accepted by the sub?

    The quickest path to manifesting your desired outcome is to address, with PSTEC Positive, those conflicting beliefs with a PSTEC Positive Statement specific for those beliefs.  If in this example, those are the only two in the way of your desired one, then once they are addressed effectively, you should be able to use PP for your desired outcome successfully.

    So, if a PSTEC Positive Statement you desire does not “feel” true, ask yourself…

    • “Why?”
    • “What is in the way of this statement becoming true?”
    • “Who is in the way of this manifesting?”
    • [/list]Also, reconsider your outcome…

    • Do I still desire this?
    • Is this still best for me?
    • [/list]Perhaps you will need to revise it a bit… or even drastically.
      When working with individuals, I have found many people once the emotions clear more and more that their original goals change quite a bit because the previous goals were based upon a Mind Model of fear and once the fear clears for the most part or at least in that area, they no longer need that same goal.
      Be critical of your goals and realize that, quite often, our goals are not our goals… they are someone else's goals we have been pursuing!  And in the immortal words of a good friend of mine here on the island, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” :P
      A Hui Hou!