Reply To: Using PP & Sleep Programming For Releasing?


    Jeff..You are amazing! Thank you and I will book another session will you because feel like your response was a session and I don't want to “feel” guilty. (I'll CT the the guilt!)

    I agree with your response, and the creation of my statements where developed from my limited understanding of two sources. PP Secrets & this PP suggestion, “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy life and do so completely”.

    In the suggested PP statement, there seems to be a lack of specificity and generalizations and deletion. So, I thought I was patterning after that PP statement. For example:

    I want…-is that a request that the SCM do something? Or programming lack?
    Release emotions..- What emotions specifically? And what does “let go of emotions” really mean?
    Enjoy my life..How specifically?

    It seems the any shortened PP statement has major NLP type language violations. (Deletes, distorts, generalizes). 

    So I guess my question now would be, how would one be short and so specific that there would be NO violations?

    Thanks Jeff