Reply To: Using PP & Sleep Programming For Releasing?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    Most definitely CT ANY guilt as that emotion is a waste of time … well, unless one wishes to suffer.  ;)

    The PP Statement, “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy life and do so completely” is one that I recommend quite often, except not by itself but usually with one or two other statements.  Even if it is done without other statements, it is recommended immediately prior to using the Click Tracks, so the statement is applied in the moment of working on an issue or issues with the PSTEC Tools and that is part of what makes the application specific.

    Be sure to note that specific words are not always considered on their own, but within the context of the sentence and even sentences are not always considered on their own either but within the context of the situation.


    • Be careful about patterning one sentence after another unrelated one… sometimes it can make sense and work; other times not.
    • Try not to mix other modalities with PSTEC.  It's true that some elements of NLP are “seen” in the use of PSTEC but only because they are quite universal in application.

      When you truly study Tim's tutorials, for example: PSTEC Positive Secrets; in the moment, do your best to put away previous conclusions and beliefs and let his perceptions come through as unscathed as possible and then apply them purely in your practice.

    • [/list]“my question now would be, how would one be short and so specific that there would be NO violations?”

      The best way to answer the “shortness” question is to consider your sentence overall.  Does the sentence attempt to address more than one issue or aspect at a time.  If it does, break it up into multiple sentences and do them separately but in the same session.

      In regards to “violations”; step back from your sentence and review it away from your perspective.  Consider it literally and put yourself in the shoes of a stranger and see if that person would understand what is being communicated with the sentence.  So, if a stranger came to me and said, “I am wealthy” … I would ask, “What is wealth to you?”  I would ask that because I don't know what wealth is in his mind and, therefore, cannot  imagine what he truly is thinking.

      Take your time with your sentences and critique them a bit more closely for clarity as if you were communicating to a complete stranger.

      Also, wealth and money are quite complex because all cultures in the world have pretty much squelched the allowance of wealth and abundance so it take a little more consideration in shifting those beliefs.

      Be sure to download and use Tim's Wealth of Abundance.

      Aloha nui!