Reply To: PSTEC and eating disorder.

Meghan Saunders

    Hello and welcome!

    I would start with using the Free Basic PSTEC Click Tracks at

    To begin with, use the feelings of severe anger and negativity you are aware of with the click tracks and Tim's instructions.

    You could possibly make a list of negative emotions you are aware of and take them 1 by 1 through the click tracks. You may need to run them through the click tracks a few times depending on how you feel after an initial round.

    Be aware that other negative emotions may rise to the surface.  Make notes of these if they do and then run any new memory or negative emotion through the click tracks.

    It is a process of unraveling the goop that binds & confines us.  Through regular use of the click tracks people are able to remove many unpleasant memory/emotional connections rather quickly and start experiencing freedom and confidence.  Experiencing the removal of the negative fuels one for more removal 'work' – (I actually find 'the work' fun and rewarding).

    Best of luck on your journey to true freedom.