Reply To: Painful Marriage

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Brian,

    The first place to begin is within because the starting place for your experience and perception is from your Mind.

    For you, I would begin with your fears of what may transpire.  As you said, “I'm scared and fearful that my family could be made undone”  The source of cause of those fears is best laid to rest which, when the fears are released, will not only allow your life to flow more steady, but also allow you to be an even greater resource to those you interact with in your family.

    As you know, you cannot control those in your life … in this example, your wife.  So, look to eliminate your fears as the absence of those fears will facilitate a much calmer and peaceful response from you no matter what may come.

    An intense approach is to imagine the worst case scenario … paint it with details … what you would fear most about that imagined event and then notice any non-JEEP feelings coming about.

    Then, use the CT's on that imagined event and any other memories that may come up as the result of that.

    Some would say, 'Hey, I don't want to focus on the worst because if I do it will make it more likely to occur!'

    But, nothing could be more from the Truth… Three points about this …

    1. You are focusing on it to heal … to release … to let go of the fear and be done with it and any other causes to that state of mind.
    2. If the fear is there, then the scenario is already in your Mind and ignoring it will definitely not decrease its effect, in fact, it, most times, will build and expand if you leave it there.
    3. You are not wishing it or even preferring that imagined event.  You are merely removing the fear of it and each fear that you release with the CT's will bring you closer and closer to more clarity than you have ever experienced.
    4. [/list]Regarding your wife…

      I know you are giving your perception of her issues, but you are also involved there so it's difficult to ascertain the Truth of where she is in her perceptions.
      According to your description, she is:

      • Conflicted and not in Harmony within her Mind.
      • Exhibiting some resistance to healing, therefore, there may be some secondary gain to staying the way she is now.
      • [/list]She will have to make the decision to heal, but her path, like yours, must begin from Within and the place to start are the emotions she has about her fears.
        Tell you what, if you wish … contact me through my site listed below and if the two of you wish to chat for a bit, I will help emphasize and suggest a few courses of action.  Also, I will get my wife on the line as well … yes, I volunteer her every so often … and she can provide some insight about some of these feelings your wife is experiencing.
        Remember, Brian, don't try and control the situation, but clear your mind of fears and limiting beliefs so that you can respond with magnificent Love and Grace for you, your wife and your children … no matter what transpires.
        A Hui Hou!