Reply To: Painful Marriage


    Hey Brian
    You can use the PStec tracks to help yourself, they always work so make sure to use them as much as you can.

    In terms of your marriage, you can still try to salvage it. There's problems there, however when you moved back in together those problems maybe messed things up. You say you've forgiven each other, but that might not necessarily be true. Maybe for you, but you can't read her mind and maybe she still has some issues there. Hence maybe why she has problems being around you.

    But now you're living apart again, maybe that gives you the space to work on your issues and then maybe you can work towards getting back together. And you can maybe do it in a gentle and sustainable way this time. You might not succeed, but you got 3 kids together and a lot of history, is there really anything that's more worth aiming for? I'd suggest get “How to Achieve Anything the Easy Way” and go for it.