Reply To: Help for the non-hypnotizable

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mike… There are some hypnotic tracks available in the PSTEC Products Line, but the following PSTEC Essentials do NOT employ hypnosis:

    • Click Tracks
    • EEF's
    • Accelerator Tapping Tracks
    • PSTEC Positive
    • PSTEC Positive Extra Power
    • [/list]It is not recommended that you drive or be doing other work while using these types of tools, not because hypnosis is used, but because you MUST focus intensely on the issues that are at hand when using these tools.
      So, you can use these Tools freely and with confidence because any resistance to hypnosis you may have will not affect their effectiveness.
      As far as “being or not being hypnotizable,” your experience with a particular practitioner(s) may not be an indicator because not all therapists are created equal.
      Again, either way, it's not an issue so I encourage you to grab your Click Tracks and keep clickin'!  :)