Reply To: The PSTEC Curriculum – How Do I Figure Out What I Need?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Be careful that you are not “looking” for validation that they don't work for you.

    Our mind model will look to the world to validate it … no matter what it is.  If we believe the world is cruel, our mind will seek out evidence of cruelty.  If we feel the world is beautiful, it will seek our proof of the beauty.

    I have used CT's for several years without any loss of effectiveness.

    Also, I did an interview with Mike Wells … …  where he talked about how effective the Click Tracks were for him prior to a back surgery despite not only using the CT's for himself over the years, but also he listened to the tracks countless times in working with children at a school.

    So, both of us have used and listened to the CT's even more often than the average person through our personal and counseling work… but all is still well and effective.

    But, if you feel that way, just invoke Tim's recommended “Stretch” as described in the Therapist Tutorial that is a part of Level 1.