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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      I have received many questions related to this:
      “Where do I start with PSTEC and how do I choose from amongst all the many packages and is there an order to follow?”

      This is not an official curriculum because how you proceed may depend upon what issues you are addressing.
      But, let me break it down for you in this manner…

      You can approach PSTEC in a “General” or “Specific” manner.

      I recommend the General Approach because you will be developing skills at using PSTEC effectively for almost any issue in your life now and in the future. In other words, you will not only have some of the most powerful tools to help manifest your most magnificent ideas and desires for your Life, but you will also possess the skills to use them.

      This, of course, ALWAYS applies to therapists, counselors, practitioners and coaches as they must be able to apply PSTEC to a variety of issues with each individual mind model of the clients who are looking for guidance.

      But, for self helpers, again, the General approach is about mastering the use of PSTEC and will give you incredible control to help master a wonderful life of JEEP (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) in a manner that will seem almost effortless.

      But, if you are in a hurry to tackle a particular issue because you feel you are suffering far too much, then you can take the Specific approach, but, I recommend that you come back to the General approach when you are comfortable.

      Specific Approach

      If you are approaching PSTEC for a specific issue, like weight loss, stop smoking, blushing, etc. There are specific tutorials and even tools for many specific issues and if you visit this site you will find a list of categories and can browse based upon your specific need.

      Keep in mind that every specific issue will involve the use of at least some of the PSTEC Essentials and even some Advanced Packages.

      • At a minimum, be sure to, of course, get the free Basic PSTEC Audio Package featuring the Click Tracks… you will always need this package for emotional clearing and release.
      • Next, the PSTEC Level 1 is a must because it gives you the basic foundation on using PSTEC effectively and also gives you the EEF’s (extra strong Click Tracks) and then the PSTEC Positive tutorial and tracks… I call it the best PSTEC value because the extent of these tutorials and also ACTUAL tools to create results … like I said … nothing around for this value!
      • Also, The Belief Blasters is a package that makes the process even easier when it comes to dealing with negative beliefs.
      • Then, look for specific free and cost packages and recordings to help you apply those tools to your specific issue by browsing this site via the category listing, on this forum and also on that site there is a Free Resources section filled with free webinars, interviews, tips and even some other free tools … browse through there and be sure to examine everything available.

      General Approach

      As I mentioned, the General Approach gives you the instruction and tools to begin to master PSTEC … to learn how to use the tools in the most effective manner.
      Some may ask, “Well, don’t the tools just work the same on everyone.” To a certain extent, yes, but also, with over 7 billion different mind models in the world, there are some “tricky” methods the subconscious uses to avoid change and maintain the status quo. So, at times, the approach will vary a bit and in comes the need for Advanced techniques as well.
      So, here’s a rundown of how to follow a PSTEC Curriculum for Mastery (just Jeff’s opinion here though)…

      Here are what I call the Essentials:

      (Click Here for a summary of the PSTEC Essentials)

      • Begin, of course, with the free PSTEC Basic Audio Package, featuring the Click Tracks.
        Once you have experienced some results (meaning some relief from previous emotional pain or upset), then you can confidently move forward and take advantage of some of Tim’s other Tools.
      • PSTEC Basic Mentoring … this provides several tools and tutorials to increase your effectiveness and efficiency with the Click Tracks and handling emotional issues…
      • Your next step would be PSTEC Level 1 that I talked about in the Specific section above.
      • Also, The Belief Blasters is a package that makes the process even easier when it comes to dealing with negative beliefs.
      • PSTEC Accelerators … if you are going to use PSTEC for extensive work; meaning for various issues that come up in your life or if you are facing some heavy, heavy and long standing traumas; best to get this package. It not only speeds up the effectiveness of other PSTEC tracks, but also helps to encourage the subconscious to reveal more “junk” so you know what to target and, therefore, release even more barriers.
      • How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way … this is all tutorial and no tools, but outlines many strategies to approach achieving your desires using the above mentioned tools.
      • PSTEC Positive Extra Power … these are the latest in Tim’s advancement of “PSTEC Track Technology” where he improved on the regular PSTEC Positive tracks. I use PSTEC Positive almost everyday, so having more tracks to use plus new ones with more suggestion power, well, enough said, yah?

      Here are what I call Advanced Packages:

      (Click Here for a summary of the Advanced PSTEC)

      Some might wonder that if they are merely “self-helping” that they don’t need to bother with these, but if you are doing your own work, let’s be honest, you are “being” the therapist and the more you realize and understand about how your mind is working (or not working), the more effective you will be…

      • *** PSTEC Positive Secrets *** My Goodness!! This is my favorite because this tutorial, including a pdf version, includes some defining applications on using PSTEC Positive that are, well, groundbreaking! I am very tempted to put this in the Essential category, but realized at least going through Level 1 is a must first.
      • PSTEC Advanced … now you really get into aspects of the mind model as explained by Tim and you get even more insights on how to make quicker shifts as well as addressing those tough situations that seem like they will never change.
      • PSTEC Advanced Part 2 … Tim teamed up with Peter Owen, PSTEC Master Practitioner, to put together even more defining concepts and techniques on how to expose the issues that are at the core of your problems and then how to apply the PSTEC Tools effectively. Excellent!
      • Cascade Release … This does have tutorial but is also a new tool that you have never seen the likes of. Check it out. We thought is was only for therapists to use with their clients, but feedback is increasing from many people that have used it in self-help. You just never know.

      There are some other packages and tools for therapists as well and you can find more info in this section for Therapists…

      Another excellent set of course are in the use of Self Hypnosis … you can find them here…

      I know that seems like a lot, but if you move step by step, package by package, Tim will lead you to an understanding of the subconscious and exactly how to repattern it to do your bidding rather than the other way around.

      Aloha nui!

      PSTEC User

        Jeff, somewhere on the website I saw someone had asked the question about whether or not the Clicktracks lose their effectiveness if you use them over and over and get used to them. I didnt get to read the response and now I cant find that page/question again. Would you pls answer it for me? Thanks.

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Be careful that you are not “looking” for validation that they don't work for you.

          Our mind model will look to the world to validate it … no matter what it is.  If we believe the world is cruel, our mind will seek out evidence of cruelty.  If we feel the world is beautiful, it will seek our proof of the beauty.

          I have used CT's for several years without any loss of effectiveness.

          Also, I did an interview with Mike Wells … …  where he talked about how effective the Click Tracks were for him prior to a back surgery despite not only using the CT's for himself over the years, but also he listened to the tracks countless times in working with children at a school.

          So, both of us have used and listened to the CT's even more often than the average person through our personal and counseling work… but all is still well and effective.

          But, if you feel that way, just invoke Tim's recommended “Stretch” as described in the Therapist Tutorial that is a part of Level 1.


          PSTEC User

            Be careful that you are not “looking” for validation that they don't work for you.

            That sounds like something I'd do :D but the reason I wanted to know the answer is because the first time I used the Clicktracks for something it worked really well.

            However, the last several days, I had been using three different tracks for one issue, because Tim suggests that if the problem persists to play the track again, and I was doing it afternoon and evening. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't overdoing it and making the tracks less effective.

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              If the feelings are not moving down, then reassess what you are targeting… that's ultimately what people do when they don't experience results.  That, and some just plain don't follow the directions… usually in trying to merge other methods with PSTEC or operate PSTEC as if it's something else.

              So, delve a bit deeper into the “why” what Tim said on the recording bothers you and be aware of other specifics to the issue of shame.

              Your current mind model learned at some point or over the course of time (usually) that feeling shamed… feeling guilty … is justified and a “good” thing.  But, it's not… guilt does NOTHING … so if letting go of guilt… not just generally, but also specifically, is a priority … you will get there more quickly.

              Also, as I mentioned previously in your other thread … be sure to use PSTEC Positive and address the beliefs that come along with that shame.


              PSTEC User

                Ok, I'll try this, Jeff, but my levels were going down, just maybe one number at a time though.

                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  Do that and combine it with some powerful PSTEC Positive Statements about moving your mind in the opposite direction of shame, such as confidence, peace, joy, certainty about the Truth of who and what you are.
                  Malama Pono!

                  PSTEC User

                    The click tracks actually work better over time. If you use the accelerators they enhance them over time even more. The important thing is that you need to be consciously tapping. That's in addition to consiously trying to feel the feeling as much as possible and also making the memory as detailed and real as possible. With your conscious mind fully occupied Tims voice and the subconscious can go to work to best resolve the issue.

                    Also note that different issues are different sizes. Sometimes an issues that is a 10 will go down to a 1 in 1 play. Sometimes it takes 10 plays or more in some cases. Go in with an expectation of success and they'll work as quickly as possible.

                    I'd also highly highly recommend the Cascade Release. The different tracks can work better on different issues. If the click tracks are having difficulty with an issue sometimes the Cascade Release can resolve it easily and vice versa. Same applies with the accelerators.

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