Reply To: The PSTEC Curriculum – How Do I Figure Out What I Need?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    If the feelings are not moving down, then reassess what you are targeting… that's ultimately what people do when they don't experience results.  That, and some just plain don't follow the directions… usually in trying to merge other methods with PSTEC or operate PSTEC as if it's something else.

    So, delve a bit deeper into the “why” what Tim said on the recording bothers you and be aware of other specifics to the issue of shame.

    Your current mind model learned at some point or over the course of time (usually) that feeling shamed… feeling guilty … is justified and a “good” thing.  But, it's not… guilt does NOTHING … so if letting go of guilt… not just generally, but also specifically, is a priority … you will get there more quickly.

    Also, as I mentioned previously in your other thread … be sure to use PSTEC Positive and address the beliefs that come along with that shame.