Reply To: The PSTEC Curriculum – How Do I Figure Out What I Need?


    The click tracks actually work better over time. If you use the accelerators they enhance them over time even more. The important thing is that you need to be consciously tapping. That's in addition to consiously trying to feel the feeling as much as possible and also making the memory as detailed and real as possible. With your conscious mind fully occupied Tims voice and the subconscious can go to work to best resolve the issue.

    Also note that different issues are different sizes. Sometimes an issues that is a 10 will go down to a 1 in 1 play. Sometimes it takes 10 plays or more in some cases. Go in with an expectation of success and they'll work as quickly as possible.

    I'd also highly highly recommend the Cascade Release. The different tracks can work better on different issues. If the click tracks are having difficulty with an issue sometimes the Cascade Release can resolve it easily and vice versa. Same applies with the accelerators.