Reply To: Formulating a statement for PSTEC Positive

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Cheryl…

    The interview with Karen Phizackerley would be very helpful because she shares her PSTEC Positive (PP) statements to reduce (actually eliminate) pain after surgery as well as her medication reactions.  Her interview was particularly interesting because she had previous, similar surgeries so her mind model was patterned to react a certain way, so using PSTEC she was able to shift that pattern both for eliminating post-op pain and eliminating the medication reactions…

    So, with your pain issues, based upon your post, here are some suggestions:

    When I lay in bed I will feel really comfortable

    You could be more specific as you suggested about the leg and nerves, such as:

    When I lay down to sleep my sciatic nerve (can/will) relax and I (can/will) sleep peacefully

    Above there are some wording options based upon how “soft” you need to make the suggestion.

    You could even soften it more than that like this:

    When I lay down to sleep my it's possible for my sciatic nerve to relax and I can sleep peacefully

    See, in these sentences, we are looking at relaxing and not so much healing, which is a different subject and is approached differently.

    You might also consider listening to the interview with Mike and myself where Mike talks about using PSTEC for his surgery and I give some tips about using PSTEC for a chronic back issue (that was two years ago or more and all is still well)…

    As far as your questions about “using a statement such as “my body is” or “my sciatica nerve is” rather than “I am” ” … I am not sure of what you are thinking specifically, so it's difficult to suggestion something.

    If you are moving in the direction of surgery that would be a different approach with PSTEC than working with PSTEC to help you heal without surgery, right?