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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Good tips, Oz … let me add something…

    On the number of repetitions … Yes you can do it daily and it can only be beneficial when you do. There is no limit on the number of repetitions. Just as many as you feel is right for you.

    Similar to using PSTEC Positive, as you become more “proficient” with it; you will KNOW when you don't need to do it any longer on that issue and you will also see results.  Will you have to return to it?  Perhaps, for reinforcement and there is  nothing wrong with repeating it numerous times nor returning later for a “refresher.”

    On memorizing and anticipating the sentences … It's not bad. In fact it's expected especially with some particular groups. Remember, you still need to list it in your answers of course. And you must do your best to get it all word for word.

    Another option to help integrate the thoughts and beliefs from Magic Sentences … Rather than “tuning out” and not paying attention, try this…

    Consider why that one sentence is the magic sentence from the that group of sentences.  Put some additional thought into it rather than just “going through the motions.”

    This simple step of thinking why certain sentences are the magical ones will help the process will work faster and most powerfully.