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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    “I still felt nervous yesterday going up and talking to women”

    That is an emotional response and the tool of choice for emotional issues are the PSTEC Click Tracks.

    Review the “START HERE” pdf that comes with all Magic Sentences packages, it says,


    This Magic Sentences audio package should be used in conjunction with the included PSTEC Click Track therapy system.

    We strongly recommend working in the following way:
    1. You should begin with the PSTEC Click Tracks to clear the emotions themselves.
    2. Then when you feel emotionally clearer, move onto Magic Sentences itself. That way you'll experience the very best results!

    So, you can begin with imagining walking up to a woman that you perceive as “unapproachable” … exaggerate it.  What is the most identifying aspect of a women that feels unapproachable?  Take that quality and amplify it a bit so that the emotion rises.  Now, imagine walking up and talking to her, TRY HARD to feel the nervousness and run the Click Track.

    Other memories of “failures” may arise… use the Click Tracks on each one as well.

    There may be other thoughts and memories that seem unrelated to this issue.  DO NOT ignore them because they came up for a reason.  Click Track any of those emotional issues that arise.

    When the emotions feel clear… when you can imagine approaching that wonderful lady with ease; run through the Magic Sentences again.  See how it feels after that.

    If it's still all clear, go out and test it again.

    Malama Pono!