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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    When we work with PSTEC on our own, taking the role of Observer and Experimenter is very helpful.  What I mean by that is to keep “pluggin' away” and persist on taking different angles.  If  particular angle or perception is not working, try another one… you see?

    Also, when you persist, the subconscious, despite it's resistance to change, can begin to “see” how serious you are and may begin to help you by revealing more and more information for you to target.

    Rates for practitioners vary … you can view a selection of experienced practitioners at the PSTEC Registry.

    As far as time and number of sessions, that is always difficult to pinpoint because there are variables based upon the practitioner you select and also variables “controlled” by the client as well as the true cause of the issue (i.e. is the cause more deep seated and foundational rather than merely a single, simple trigger).

    Whatever you decide, keep in mind that most of us look at the cost of healing rather than the cost of remaining stuck or imprisoned in our own mind model.

    You are worth the in investment to discover your True Freedom!

    Malama Pono!