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Elaine M. Corona

    Thanks Tim for starting this forum for us.  I'm so glad we all have a way to stay in touch with each other …  Hi Naphia!  Hi Andy!  I had a wonderful time being there in England with everyone and look forward to going back sometime.  I'm excited about using what we learned, in my own life and in my work life, despite the fact that I'm not terribly confident in it yet, of course.  Naphia, I have also been practicing the quick hypnosis each day and most nights gone to sleep listening to Stress in the Moment, which seems to work really well, as I get so relaxed that I tend to fall asleep before the end! Thanks for the link to the video. :) Today, was the first day that I actually tried using the hypnosis and I did it with my very good friend.  I wanted to start with her since she was open to the idea and I could feel comfortable with the outcome, whichever way it went.  It actually went better than I thought it would and we are going to try it again later today.  I will keep you posted on that.  :)