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Naphia Reggiani

    Nice to see you Elaine!

    I've been finding the 'quick and deep' quite useful for when I wake up in the middle of the night – it helps me to go back to sleep quicker than usual :)

    I've got some questions and would appreciate other people's views:

    1. I've recorded my own hypnosis track with induction + deepener + my own personalised suggestions + emergence script and it's awesome!!! I feel it's working really well and deeply – very powerful. But something bothers me – just pedantic but I need to address this: the induction/deepener/emergence script are in the 2nd person, ie my own voice tells me “you this that and the other” and then suddenly switches to “I” when the suggestions start … somehow this wakes me up out of my deeply relaxed state every time (mad I know!). Before I record my next version, would it be better to use “you” for the whole thing, or “I” throughout, because this mixed way I'm finding too distracting.

    2. I've ordered the double-ended jack plug from Ebay to transfer voice memos from phone to laptop, but when I connect my Iphone and laptop using this, absolutely nothing happens? Am now using recording software on laptop, but the mike quality of my headset isn't nearly as good as the phone's.

    How's everyone else getting on?