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    Here's my suggestion and please excuse any typos since I'm on my phone. Try searching for your volume controls on the computer. That varies according to operating system. Most have input and also output settings. Be sure that the input is not muted because that would cause this problem.
    Occasionally you may need to set the audio input to the jack plug socket and not to something such as USB.  Again this varies from machine to machine. If that fails then you might be able to email the sound from phone to computer. On some operating systems a USB charging connector for your phone will allow you to drag and drop files too. That might not work in windows. Another way is to plug the jack plug into a HIFI and record to audio cd or tape. If you record to audio cd then you can put that into the cd drive on your computer. Alternatively just playing it back at higher volume near your computers internal mic will probably allow you to get a better computer recording so you can edit it.  The easiest way is usually just to unmute the input on the computer. I hope this helps.