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Andrew Shields

    Naphia, this is a snippet that an old friend shared with me. Its a forum post that a professional hypnotist & therapist posted. I believe it to be exceptional, which is why I am sharing it with you and everyone; I think its answers your part a & then some! 

    “You have discovered that the method you are using (doing) does not generate the results that you want.

    This is useful information.

    You can (if you really want to) choose to pay attention to the results that you get and use them to evolve the method you are using into something better.

    You have done the hardest part , you have started the interaction with self hypnosis using a model that has a specific structure.

    Now all you need do is determine what you need to change how you do it.

    Consider making a recording of your induction and deepening and listen to that and follow along it diligently to make yourself go deeper into trance than the other way.

    Depth of trance / intensity of trance / specific trance content , use which ever of them “proves” that your induction and deepening works for you.

    Then with that knowledge learned and assimilated and known and ready.

    Then work on designing , constructing and creating suggestions that prove themselves to you in personally meaningful ways.

    Attempt the easy evidence and confirmation suggestions first.

    Then you can take your self directed hypnosis change work (self hypnosis) into other areas of your life.

    Create your easily verifiable suggestions and record them.

    Select a few different results and create different suggestions for each one.  This can help you identify the suggestion format that works for you.

    Or describe the suggestion in a few different ways to “cover all bases of installation”.

    Then its time to field test your work.

    And always remember that successful hypnosis results are automatic and “consciously effortless” .  You do not have to consciously monitor “am I getting results?” , “is this it?”

    In fact you can add a section into your recorded hypnosis session that suggests to you the ways in which the effects of your suggestions will manifest and the ways that you will easily notice the results only immediately after seeing / hearing / feeling / choosing / doing / experiencing them.

    Erickson included the ways in which his subjects would notice you have changed and how easy it is to identify that you have accomplished great changes and will continue to.

    And you can also add some direct suggestions for “letting go” of monitoring for results.

    Let your subconscious and unconscious and out of conscious minds do their work of improving you based on your suggestions silently inside and behind your conscious mind.

    Let the suggestions do their work deep inside and behind your conscious mind's thoughts and choices.

    You won't feel them working when you are in trance.

    You won't see or hear them as they work deep inside you for your benefit.

    And you will consciously notice them after they manifest , after they are real , after you are ready for them to benefit you.

    And add in suggestions that make them manifest and make them real and make you are ready for them to benefit you.

    And add in some “snowball suggestions” where each small change and benefit builds and adds to itself to generate and re generate and add more and more change momentum that generates more and more larger and more and more massive and compelling changes and ongoing benefits…

    Also …

    You can also add in emergence suggestions where you emerge from your deep trance as an improved you in significant ways that you will continue to notice and gain benefit from.

    And you can add an epilogue at the end of the recording.

    Leave a few silent seconds after the emergence and then specifically say to yourself on the recording that ” this session has ended , I do not have to think any more on these suggestions , these suggestions are active within me , these suggestions will manifest automatically “.

    Then stop the playback.

    And then you go and do something else requiring conscious focus.

    Not sleep.

    Go and do some heavy weight lifting with a weight that “makes you be alert to it”.

    Or do some non dominant hand writing.

    Or anything else that you can use to get the suggestions out of consciousness so that they manifest faster and easier.