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Elaine M. Corona

    Good Morning all (or afternoon in your cases)

    Naphia, I am very impressed with your work in making your recording; I am looking forward to being able to do that also.  I wanted to follow up on the feedback I got from my friend who I used hypnosis on.  (I actually ended up using it with another friend that day too).

    I was at my good friend's house for a few days in NY, where I used to live.  I practiced the hypnosis with her and she had a positive experience with it.  Her mother is in an assisted living facility and my friend feels panicky when she gets a phone call from the facility.  She hasn't received a call since we did the hypnosis but she says that she feels calmer and more accepting of what is (that her mother is 92 and that the phone call will come at some point).  She felt very satisfied with the results of the hypnosis and so did I (especially since it was my first time trying it).

    Later that day, another good friend came over.  We were talking about self-esteem and she said that she had very low self-esteem.  I knew this about her but didn't realize that it was as bad as she described. So, we did the hypnosis  :).  She did not have an immediate response regarding the self-esteem (she told me later that she did feel the relief later that day).  She also told me that during the time we were doing the hypnosis, she didn't experience what she calls “the monkey chatter” (meaning, the negative thoughts that she has that are constantly plaguing her mind).  So, she was very happy for that.

    I received an email from her the next day saying that she can't believe it but her depression has lifted.  This friend has been looking for comfort for the last 15 years through extensive practice of meditation and has been unable to clear her mind.  After this experience with hypnosis, she was shocked and surprised and grateful that she was able to enter a place where her mind was finally clear.

    I'm pretty excited about how these first experiences with using hypnosis went and am looking forward to how future use of hypnosis will go. 

    One thing that I wanted to mention is that I had been discussing all of this with Tim and he said that a really important part of using hypnosis is to “speak from the heart”.  This was uppermost in my mind when working with my friends and I feel that it was an important aspect of their having such positive results.