Reply To: Does PSTEC work for non-native english speakers?


    Hello Bob and Jeff,
    Thanks for your reply.

    First of all, I think I do have been persistent, I didn't count them but I guess I did more than 100 sessions over the past two years or so. Click Clack, Extended versions, accelarators, Postive, you name it  ;)

    At the same time I also did many EFT en TAT self help sessions, Sedona Method and several other one-on-one therapies like Healing Journey, Somatic Experiencing.

    So I sure don't just want to blame Pstec. :)

    Apparantly my traumatic experience has been strongly isolated by dissocation,  suppressing and a very big fear to not talk (and think) about it. Also I became gradually aware of my “inner child's” survival mechanisms: don't listen to hat anybody else says, don't trust anyone , do not cry or you will be killed etcetera

    So probably my slow progress had more to do with my  “inability” to focus on the core issue. I couldn't even focus on the core issue because I didn't know what the core issue was since I did not remember much about it. On the other hand I also just 'knew' all the time that there was something that I had to deal with.

    Anyway, things are opening up, especially since I recently saw a DVD from EFT-expert Lori Lorenz (you probably know her Jeff, she is also from hawaii:-)). Watching her DVD brought many things up that  I was able to tap. Since she also mentioned the language-issue I thoght it might be worthwhile to ask your opinions.

    So Jeff, since Pstec should be working, as you say, maybe you have some additional tip especially for “tuning in”….

    Thanks, Bart