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      I wonder if PSTEC does work for non-native english speakers. I mean I do speak and understand english sufficiently to use the PSTEC audios. However I try to heal a childhood sexual abuse trauma and at that time I was for sure not speaking english.

      I have been using PSTEC many times but with no positive results actually.

      Recently I heard an EFT-therapist speak about the importance of letting the patient formulate their statements (even though.. etc) in their own language to have EFT to be really effective. So now I wonder could it be of the language problem that PSTEC didn't work for me?


      PSTEC User

        Hi Bart,
        I can say, works for me. My English is Tarzan's dialect.  :)

        I am not expert but be persistent. I was working on one event and after 25 times of listening click track, it was finally cleared. In that event one girl insulted me in front of other kids.

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Mahalo SilentBob for … uh … not being silent.  ;D

          Here is a previous post on that very question…


          PSTEC User

            Hello Bob and Jeff,
            Thanks for your reply.

            First of all, I think I do have been persistent, I didn't count them but I guess I did more than 100 sessions over the past two years or so. Click Clack, Extended versions, accelarators, Postive, you name it  ;)

            At the same time I also did many EFT en TAT self help sessions, Sedona Method and several other one-on-one therapies like Healing Journey, Somatic Experiencing.

            So I sure don't just want to blame Pstec. :)

            Apparantly my traumatic experience has been strongly isolated by dissocation,  suppressing and a very big fear to not talk (and think) about it. Also I became gradually aware of my “inner child's” survival mechanisms: don't listen to hat anybody else says, don't trust anyone , do not cry or you will be killed etcetera

            So probably my slow progress had more to do with my  “inability” to focus on the core issue. I couldn't even focus on the core issue because I didn't know what the core issue was since I did not remember much about it. On the other hand I also just 'knew' all the time that there was something that I had to deal with.

            Anyway, things are opening up, especially since I recently saw a DVD from EFT-expert Lori Lorenz (you probably know her Jeff, she is also from hawaii:-)). Watching her DVD brought many things up that  I was able to tap. Since she also mentioned the language-issue I thoght it might be worthwhile to ask your opinions.

            So Jeff, since Pstec should be working, as you say, maybe you have some additional tip especially for “tuning in”….

            Thanks, Bart

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Aloha Bart …

              As you work with PSTEC, the usual protocol is to release or clear emotions then follow up with addressing beliefs and behaviors.


              There are times when addressing beliefs while also addressing emotions will be most effective.

              Everyone's subconscious mind creates a unique mind model… imagine about 7 billion different mind models on the planet right now … so, while a standard protocol can be helpful many times, being flexible and applying the “art” of PSTEC may be necessary.

              Also, when one does their own self help with PSTEC (or other modalities as well), sometimes that individual just can't see the forest for the trees and needs a little guidance from an experienced practitioner so, if you feel “stuck” make the investment and chat with a PSTEC Practitioner from the PSTEC Registry to help guide you.

              On beliefs, in your post here, I noticed a couple of them:
              “don't listen to hat anybody else says”
              “don't trust anyone”
              “do not cry or you will be killed”

              Those are not so much emotional issues (although emotions can also keep them in place or feed them), but rather beliefs and using PSTEC Positive to address them is most effective.

              Here are some suggestions, although with our limited discussion here, I am being a bit general:

              1. Address your belief that “true” help is not available… helpful people are not to be trusted.  If you are going to use PSTEC, I would use PSTEC Positive (PP) with some standard phrases I have recommended before to suggest belief in the use and effectiveness of PSTEC … see below …

                Preparing Your Mind

                Use these three Positive Statements exactly as they are and run them using the PP tracks before you get started in using the Click Tracks on your issue. Use these EACH TIME you are going to do a Click Track session… follow the PP instructions with each statement separately…

                If you are short on time, repeating these a few times before doing the CT work
                may well pay dividends.  But, for the first few times, be sure to do them completely with the PP Track.

                “When I listen to the click tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”

                “I want to feel what happened when _______________ so the click tracks will be able to quickly help me”

                “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely”

                Again, repeating these a few times before doing anything else may well pay dividends. Of course a genuine intention and desire to do this so as to be happy is important.

                These are very carefully worded and so should be used verbatim.

              2. Don't dig so much … let your subconscious present to you. In other words, don't analyze it too much, but move forward in the direction you desire.  How?  Craft PP Statements of what you desire, begin using them and then taking action.  Watch for emotions that come up that are negative (non-JEEP) and also thought or beliefs that come up that are contrary.

                CT the emotional memories that come up.  and/or if there are emotions relating to the future (i.e. imagined events), CT those.  Also, be aware of limiting beliefs, craft PP Statements and run them with PP.

              3. In regards to your issue, look for fear of failure.  Imagine the worst scenario occurring … how does it feel?  CT it.  You are not imagining it to manifest it, but your imagining it to release the fear of it happening.  Get that to 0-1 and then notice the peacefulness and the clarity that follow.
              4. [/list]Again, if stuck, you are worth the investment … get a little “outside” guidance.
                Malama Pono!

              PSTEC User

                If you are having difficulty remembering or having difficulty in focusing on the issue, then the recommended tool would be the tapping accelerators since they aid recall. When you know you have something to deal with, you can focus on that knowing and focus on that there is something there, and then run the tapping accelerator on it. You can run the tapping accelerator 3 times in a row if you want, or more.

                You could also use the cascade release since that is designed for when there is no memories. With that you can focus on just the feeling and run the track.

                PSTEC User

                  Thanks for your advice. Much of what you write does sure make sense to me. I used part of it and will continue with it.

                  One last thing: what does non-JEEP mean?

                  Thanks again,

                  hi Oz,
                  Also thanks for your advice. I think i'll first stick to Jeff's suggestions, don't want  to do too many things at the same time. I'll keep them in mind!

                  Jeff Harding
                  PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                    Aloha Bart… J.E.E.P. is joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace.  “Non-JEEP,” of course, would be anything that does not come under JEEP.

                    Generally, I tell people that if you are feeling non-JEEP, Click Track it… let it go… release it because the non-JEEP feelings do not serve any purpose except to let you know there are limiting aspects as a part of your mind model that are in the way of your personal peace.

                    Malama Pono!


                    PSTEC User

                      I'm making progress! Started using your suggestions under points 1. and 3. in your former post reply #4.
                      Feel and notice that layers of emotions and upcoming memories are peeling off little by little.

                      I have one more question about the following: “Also, be aware of limiting beliefs, craft PP Statements and run them with PP.”

                      What is the proper way to craft a PP statement coming from a limiting belief? For example I have limiting beliefs coming up like: I don't know what I want, or: I'm never gonna make it. Do you just transform them to the opposite (I do know what I want) and run PP on this one?

                      Btw, I also looked for an Pstec prof in the Netherlands but there doesn't seem to be one. Nevertheless, I feel helped al lot by you, I will be thankfull forever! (I realize, also, you are not too close physically so that's pretty safe as well!  :D)

                      Jeff Harding
                      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                        Aloha Bart …

                        “What is the proper way to craft a PP statement coming from a limiting belief?”

                        The best way to begin learning the most effective methods of making suggestions to your subconscious is to learn through the tutorial that comes with the PSTEC Positive Tracks called, “Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive.”

                        Then, if you really want to sky rocket your PSTEC Positive work, my opinion here, PSTEC Positive Secrets is an Essential and is something that ought to be required reading (and implementation, of course  :D ) for all humans, especially if you want to transcend the ubiquitous and limiting beliefs and behaviors of our animal mind and human cultures.

                        I put it simply as “crafting a PP Statement in the opposite direction” because, most times, our beliefs are definitely in the opposite direction of success, joy and peace.  So, to be simple, craft them in the opposite direction.  But, that could vary depending upon the situation.

                        MOST IMPORTANT – Be sure to get a reasonable handle on the emotional issues that are plaguing your life because simply releasing those will give you clarity you have never before experienced.

                        “looked for an Pstec prof in the Netherlands but there doesn't seem to be one”

                        Ah, don't let geography get in your way because most practitioners work via phone or Skype (gotta love our technology today, yah!).  In fact, I was just helping a fellow in the Netherlands via email and we may do Skype if needed… small world.

                        Malama Pono!


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