Reply To: Does PSTEC work for non-native english speakers?


    I'm making progress! Started using your suggestions under points 1. and 3. in your former post reply #4.
    Feel and notice that layers of emotions and upcoming memories are peeling off little by little.

    I have one more question about the following: “Also, be aware of limiting beliefs, craft PP Statements and run them with PP.”

    What is the proper way to craft a PP statement coming from a limiting belief? For example I have limiting beliefs coming up like: I don't know what I want, or: I'm never gonna make it. Do you just transform them to the opposite (I do know what I want) and run PP on this one?

    Btw, I also looked for an Pstec prof in the Netherlands but there doesn't seem to be one. Nevertheless, I feel helped al lot by you, I will be thankfull forever! (I realize, also, you are not too close physically so that's pretty safe as well!  :D)