Reply To: Does PSTEC work for non-native english speakers?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Bart …

    “What is the proper way to craft a PP statement coming from a limiting belief?”

    The best way to begin learning the most effective methods of making suggestions to your subconscious is to learn through the tutorial that comes with the PSTEC Positive Tracks called, “Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive.”

    Then, if you really want to sky rocket your PSTEC Positive work, my opinion here, PSTEC Positive Secrets is an Essential and is something that ought to be required reading (and implementation, of course  :D ) for all humans, especially if you want to transcend the ubiquitous and limiting beliefs and behaviors of our animal mind and human cultures.

    I put it simply as “crafting a PP Statement in the opposite direction” because, most times, our beliefs are definitely in the opposite direction of success, joy and peace.  So, to be simple, craft them in the opposite direction.  But, that could vary depending upon the situation.

    MOST IMPORTANT – Be sure to get a reasonable handle on the emotional issues that are plaguing your life because simply releasing those will give you clarity you have never before experienced.

    “looked for an Pstec prof in the Netherlands but there doesn't seem to be one”

    Ah, don't let geography get in your way because most practitioners work via phone or Skype (gotta love our technology today, yah!).  In fact, I was just helping a fellow in the Netherlands via email and we may do Skype if needed… small world.

    Malama Pono!