Reply To: Memory reconsolidation?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha RG … What is the context or your purpose of the question about memory reconsolidation and PSTEC?  In other words, when it comes to memories are you considering positive or negative memories … are you concerned about the ability to change memories or interfering with the change of particular memories?

    Without knowing your context …

    Our perception of memories is based upon our mind model (how we perceive the world) at that moment when the memory occurred and, in most cases, we are “reliving” that memory as if it still happens in the present or has the potential of happening in the same manner in the future.

    For example…

    I witnessed this a couple weeks ago in a pool in Hawaii here… a guest of the island was in the pool but had a strong fear of water … the fear of drowning.  We chatted briefly about it and the fear was present since he was about 8-9 years old.  Prior to 8-9, we would swim with impunity… loved it.  But, one day, at that age, his brothers played a prank and he felt he had almost drowned.  Ever since, he could not even get in any level of water until a few years ago (now about age 50), but even then his heart races and he can only go in under very strict conditions.  Here is one interesting aspect.  I asked this 6 foot 2 inch able bodied fellow if he realized this particular pool only went as deep as 4 feet and at any time he could merely stand up and his head would easily be 2 feet or more above water and he would be safe.  He looked stunned as if the thought never crossed his mind… why?  Because when it came to bodies of water, his mind (and body) reacted as if he were much smaller and much less able … as if his abilities were an immature 8-9 years old.

    What keeps that mind model in place?  Emotions and beliefs.

    In most cases, these types of water phobias are quite “simple” and quick to transcend.  Most times, merely addressing the emotional aspects as listed below will clear this issue.  But, to be more thorough, addressing the beliefs as outlined below will increase the speed and likelihood of success!

    So, in short, PSTEC is not about deleting memories but shifting the current perception of that past event.  That is done by shifting emotional responses (through the use of the Free Basic Click Tracks, the EEF's and/or the Accelerator Tapping Tracks) and also beliefs about that particular memory or those like it (through the use of PSTEC Positive, PSTEC Positive Extra Power and also, again, the Accelerator Tapping Tracks because they work for emotions, beliefs and behaviors).

    Mahalo for the question!