Reply To: Memory reconsolidation?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    I am glad you brought up this question to help illustrate a misnomer when it comes to using PSTEC.

    “Since PSTEC makes an emphatic point to activate the emotion (which is a memory) it seems it is providing an opportunity to interfere with the reconsolidation of the memory. “

    One of the fallacies is that you must feel the feeling.  That is NOT true although, quite often, people do feel the feeling when recalling the memory especially when it's a very intense level of emotion.  Tim's instructions are to TRY HARD to feel the feeling.

    Again, it's not important to feel the feeling, but important to TRY HARD TO FEEL THE FEELING. It seems a subtle difference, but has enormous impact.

    The emotion or feeling is not actually the memory because once the emotion is neutralized, the memory will remain, but could be shifted in terms of perception of that memory and that can result in a more peaceful perception, thereby making the memory less than or not a contributor at all to the negative reactions in life.

    So, to emphasize, we are not erasing memories, just the shifting the perception of them.  In fact, quite often, as I review a client's perception after running the Click Track on a memory, the client can “see” that memory differently and sometimes even see some positive aspects of it they were not seeing previously.

    “I was just curious if the process was created with this in mind to try to intentionally interfere with the reconsolidation of the memory.”

    Is it interfering with the reconsolidation of the memory as some people have labeled it?  I imagine that depends upon how you define it, but, many times, it's not necessary to recall the memory so you could say it's not an intentional parallel.

    PSTEC was created to aid people in shifting their mind model to give them relief, peace and freedom of mind for success in whatever area they desire.  The label or “how it's done” is not as important as whether or not it works… it's all about results.