Reply To: Where to start? Suicide fear, agoraphobia, confidence…etc!

Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Kerry …

    You have the beginnings right there in your mind… you have some awareness there…

    “I witnessed a train suicide. It 'proved' everything my mother told me about the world being bad etc…since then every day thing feels like its concreted these feelings.”

    While it's true that may be a very pivotal moment, most times it's “the straw that breaks the camel's back” type of scenario where, as Tim illustrates, the scales tipped for you in the direction of looking for safety in solitude because, as you said, 'The world is bad' … and your subconscious mind is trying to find a way to protect you.

    Of course, when it comes to success in any area of life, whether it's health, business/work, relationships or even enjoying the world; if you feel the world is bad and unsafe, how can you possibly motivate yourself to do anything except minimal survival?

    PSTEC is all about shifting your mind model from one that views the world as bad and unsafe to one that is filled with J.E.E.P.* and also unlimited opportunities!!

    * (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace)

    • So, a great move is to recall that day on the train and what you witnessed while TRYING HARD to feel the non-JEEP feelings and use the Click Track or even the EEF's tracks from the Level 1 Package until that memory holds no more fear or anxiety.
    • You can also do something similar in terms of memories when it comes to other anxious moments and memories of panic attacks.  Be sure to review Tim's tutorial on panic attacks that comes with the Free Basic PSTEC Package.
    • Another area to consider is beliefs.  It sounds like your mother and others talked about the badness and danger of the world so shifting those beliefs will move you along as well because when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety, beliefs play a very strong role in keeping you in that pattern.  Enter the use of PSTEC Positive! Good stuff!  :)
    • [/list]So, begin to address the panic and anxiety so that you have more freedom to do what you desire and live more fully.  Then you can begin to move into the other areas because if you are frozen by anxiety and panic, then trying to force yourself past that to do other things you “should” do may cause even more trauma.
      Make sense?
      If you need some guidance, visit my personal PSTEC site, listed below under my signature and I have a “Set Your Own Rate” program and may be able to get you started and/or help you along in an affordable manner.
      Be sure to listen to Liz's story on the interviews and even on this Forum as she has completely transformed her life by effectively shifting her mind model when it came to panic and anxiety…
      Malama Pono!