Reply To: Where to start? Suicide fear, agoraphobia, confidence…etc!


    Jeff, thankyou for the kindess in replying. I appreciate your advice ! I will def use the methods you have recommended. I have been using the click tracks 3 or 4 times a day ( usually mornings or evenings ) on events form the past / feelings I get when faced with situations that make me uncomfortable and they have really helped! I have noticed I feel very 'peaceful' which is a very odd feeling and wonderful lol. I don't have the overwhelming fear that I have experienced for several weeks and a lot of the worries that pop into my mind seem to have just faded away. It really is quite incredible. When I have a negative feeling now I note it and think ok ill work on that later…eg : my husband and I have problems when we go shopping..he likes to frogmarch through the store and buy whats on HIS list….I like to wander and mooch and enjoy being out of the house ! I always choose 'fancy' food and hes a beans on toast ma haha……today he mentioned going out and I felt so angry and resentful before we even went! I got my click track ( its on a very handy free app on my phone!) went to a quite place and did two rounds of my feeling sof anger/resentment and frustration. Afterwards I thought well….that's the way he likes to do it. I can always go shopping with my friends for other its ok. ALL my feelings had GONE. This is a simple everyday use of PTEC and im so pleased I can use it on the big stiff as well as the little things like this , which just make life 'smoother'. Im actually looking forward to going out with him later and showing him how easy going I CAN be. :) LOVE PSTECH. Ill come back and update you on how im working through the other issues as I knock them into shape ;)thanks !