Reply To: written instructions please


    Yes I did that. As I said in my post. Easy.

    Done the bad stuff. Done the free stuff. Recommended it on my FB page.

    I understand how it works – I got my advanced EMDR practitioner Cert 20 years ago.

    I am now level 1. As I said.
    I've got a few ideas as to what I'd like to target and maybe an occasional hour free to do a bit of work –  but all I have from you to start work with is a  track  list in my downloads that doesn't make sense.

    What is clearly needed, judging from the numerous people who contact you is a protocol; an algorithm. Enthusiasm and constant urges to listen to the audios are merely frustrating. Wide-ranging explanations that don't address the question, or that assume familiarity with the processes are time-wasting and introduce stress and ill-feeling. I feel like just giving up, as, no doubt, many have done before.
    You clearly are lovely and you are keen and try to be helpful. I won't bother you anymore. Maybe one day I'll have the time to work out what which is which and when to use it.
    I might target this irritation with the click track  ;)