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      I just purchased level 1 but don't know where where to start.  There is no written instructions.  Do I have to start listening to each track to figure out how to start?
      Wouldn't it be much better if a set of written instructions came with each package?

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator


        A one page guide has been added to the Level 1 Package, effective today so anyone purchasing the Level 1 Package will automatically receive it in the future.

        Those who have already purchased the Level 1 Package, all the files remain the same except for the new pdf file.  I have sent an email to all previous buyers of Level 1 with the download link for the pdf file.

        If you did not receive the email, use the PSTEC Support Are and request the link…

        This pdf is a guide of where to start, but, yes, the “meat” of the instructions are in the audio tutorials.  I hope that helps.



        PSTEC User

          Are you referring to the PDF you provide which gives question samples and then gives the audio file the question can be found on?
          If so, I don't have time to listen in hope that the audio file I'm listening to contains the information that I need to access.
          I work long hours and have lost focus when listening and missed information.
          Has anybody put basic information and guidance to get started in written form, please?

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Mallory… no, this thread is in regards to the Level 1 Package and the pdf that comes with that package that outlines the various tutorials and tools.

            It sounds like you are referring to the free Click Tracks Made Simple package with the pdf outline of the various questions on the audio so you can fast forward to a particular question and answer.

            The best basic instructions and tools are in the Free Basic Package with the Click Tracks.  Start there as the instructions are only about 15 minutes and you can then become familiar with using the Click Tracks on emotional issues.

            Take the time as to get started, you don't have to reserve a ton of time to make a little headway.  But, as time goes on, find the time to shift your beliefs, behaviors and also clear those old emotional pains, the attachments and the aversions so that you can “see the forest for the trees.”



            PSTEC User

              So where do I start exactly?

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Aloha Mallory… begin with the Free Basic Package and working with the Click Tracks.

                Target specific memories or imagined events as instructed … select a couple that might not be extremely intense as you use the Click Tracks.

                Let your mind, both conscious and subconscious, become familiar with using the Click Tracks to target unpleasant emotions that are attached to specific memories or imagined events until they are down to a 0-1 rating of intensity.

                Those are general directions.  You see, what you focus on as you run the Click Tracks, when it comes to emotional upsets, is what the Click Tracks will affect, but they must be emotions or feelings with those specific events.

                Make sense?


                PSTEC User

                  Yes I did that. As I said in my post. Easy.

                  Done the bad stuff. Done the free stuff. Recommended it on my FB page.

                  I understand how it works – I got my advanced EMDR practitioner Cert 20 years ago.

                  I am now level 1. As I said.
                  I've got a few ideas as to what I'd like to target and maybe an occasional hour free to do a bit of work –  but all I have from you to start work with is a  track  list in my downloads that doesn't make sense.

                  What is clearly needed, judging from the numerous people who contact you is a protocol; an algorithm. Enthusiasm and constant urges to listen to the audios are merely frustrating. Wide-ranging explanations that don't address the question, or that assume familiarity with the processes are time-wasting and introduce stress and ill-feeling. I feel like just giving up, as, no doubt, many have done before.
                  You clearly are lovely and you are keen and try to be helpful. I won't bother you anymore. Maybe one day I'll have the time to work out what which is which and when to use it.
                  I might target this irritation with the click track  ;)

                  Jeff Harding
                  PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                    Hi Mallory… not a bother.

                    Your descriptions of the instructions in Level 1 as:

                    • [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]all I have from you to start work with is a  track  list in my downloads that doesn't make sense.[/color]
                    • [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]urges to listen to the audios are merely frustrating[/color]
                    • [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]Wide-ranging explanations that don't address the question, or that assume familiarity with the processes [/color]
                    • [/list]… are quite confusing because…

                      The pdf recommends that you begin with the therapist tutorial where Tim will introduce the “how's” and “why's” of using PSTEC.

                      And, then included in the Level 1 Package is also “Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive” that will give you even more defining points.

                      Both these sets of instructions are all there in those tutorials and it will take some time to assimilate because you are learning how to use a particular tool in a particular way quite unique to other processes and perceptions in the world today.

                      But, those tutorials are anything but “wide-ranging” or assuming familiarity with the Level 1 concepts.

                      But, be persistent, stay focused and intent as you review and study the instructions.

                      If your questions is “how to target” the tracks; those instructions lay it all out for you. 

                      The Practical:

                      1. You said you have the Click Tracks down and how to use them… that's great … then you should still be using them for emotional issues that arise and you always will. Addressing emotional issues can decrease over time as you address them, but something new will always surface and you have the tools for that.

                      2. Listen to the two sets of tutorials in the Level 1 Package more than once and each time, take notes.  As I said, Tim outlines how to use the tools… what to target, etc…. in those tutorials.  If you saying they don't, then you need to go back to them because the content is there to help you do just that.

                      3. Frustration with a process is always a worthy target for the Click Tracks because, as you know, the emotions only get in the way of our healing.

                      But, dig a little deeper for the reasons for that frustration.

                      Many times not being willing gets in the way and a couple suggested questions to ask are:

                      'Why am I unwilling to listen to the tutorial, take notes and then listen again and review my notes?'
                      'Why am I frustrated about this tutorial or instructional style?'

                      You may find other emotions in the way and also beliefs as well that prevent you from integrating tools and concepts to help your mind expand.

                      4. When it comes to not finding the time or not having the time, that manifestation is caused by other emotional issues and beliefs that fuel that belief… in other words, 'I don't have the time to do this' is a general belief and you may have to drill down a bit for beliefs that are more specific.

                      Think about what you have written…
                      [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]What is clearly needed, judging from the numerous people who contact you is a protocol”[/color]

                      First of all, there is a “protocol” or you can even call it an algorithm if you wish… it's outlined in the tutorials I referenced above.

                      But, you have a belief that says there are a large number of people that need a “new” protocol.  You don't know that as true.  In fact, the number of people that frequent this forum is a very, very small percentage of the number of people that are using the PSTEC Tools successfully.  So, in truth, it's not an indication of anything except individuals struggling with their current mind model that is giving them the problems in the first place.

                      Do some people quit and move on the healing merry-go-round?  Sure, and the usual culprit is a lack of willingness to do what is necessary.  Our subconscious programming from the past tries to maintain the familiar and will find alibis to keep us from actually practicing healing… practicing change in our mind model.

                      But, that statement exposes some beliefs that are in your way.

                      5. Now, as you will find in the Level 1 Tutorials, Tim Talks about using PSTEC Positive to shift beliefs.

                      6. So, there are 3 aspects to consider: emotions, beliefs and behaviors (or habits).

                      Use the Click Tracks and EEF's on emotional issues.
                      Use PSTEC Positive on beliefs and behaviors.

                      There can be confusion within any particular individual that prevents them from[
                      “seeing the forest for the trees” and that is the purpose of this forum, to give some specific assistance without charge but sometimes that may not be enough and obtaining personal one-on-one assistance is the best path for someone to get beyond the perceived barriers in their mind.

                      You have asked what to do next and I have outlined it above.

                      If you have a specific issue you are working on and want some guidance to that specifically, you will have to share some of the details for me to help you.

                      But, if you wish to work on your own with Tim's Tools, follow the outline above to at least get started and if you are still stuck, consider having a practitioner guide you through a few exercises.

                      Malama Pono!
                      (take care, be Right)

                    PSTEC User

                      Hello again
                      Just been to therapist tutorial where I am referred to other audio tutorials if I wish to learn about processes that I had hoped would be covered in the therapist tutorial that I am actually listening to.
                      I am also told to go and look something up.
                      I'm sorry. I'm tired. I try listening and the talking makes me tired. I know that there will be a lot more sitting here with my eyes closed trying so hard and failing to fully concentrate. If I were reading instructions, I could mark their place, highlight things or add notes, then go back to them again in the future. This PSTEC is so good and I'm so interested but so very frustrated!
                      You're very kind and dedicated and convinced that your enthusiasm can carry this forward, but please: do you see my point?

                      Jeff Harding
                      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                        Hi Mallory … thank you for persisting!  ;)

                        I'm not sure I understand some of your comments, so let's do this so that we can break the pattern of frustration … sound good?

                        Let's work on something via the forum… something that is bothersome in your life.
                        I would like to do it on the forum, if possible, so others can see another illustration of how to approach an issue; the more people we can help, the better, yah?

                        It could be an emotional upset, it could be something you have difficulty manifesting such as a new venture or a new way of doing something or could be a pattern of behavior or habit you have trouble breaking.  Again, anything you see as a barrier or problem in life.

                        It does not have to be the worst issue in your life or something that is far too private for you.

                        Start a new thread in one of the categories where your issue might come under. Describe the issue and then we will move forward in a step-by-step manner that will help you understand how to move through the shifts and changes using the PSTEC Tools.

                        If you have difficulty coming up with something you can articulate in a post or privacy in a real barriers, send me a private message and let's see what we can come up with, ok?


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