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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mallory… not a bother.

    Your descriptions of the instructions in Level 1 as:

    • [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]all I have from you to start work with is a  track  list in my downloads that doesn't make sense.[/color]
    • [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]urges to listen to the audios are merely frustrating[/color]
    • [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]Wide-ranging explanations that don't address the question, or that assume familiarity with the processes [/color]
    • [/list]… are quite confusing because…

      The pdf recommends that you begin with the therapist tutorial where Tim will introduce the “how's” and “why's” of using PSTEC.

      And, then included in the Level 1 Package is also “Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive” that will give you even more defining points.

      Both these sets of instructions are all there in those tutorials and it will take some time to assimilate because you are learning how to use a particular tool in a particular way quite unique to other processes and perceptions in the world today.

      But, those tutorials are anything but “wide-ranging” or assuming familiarity with the Level 1 concepts.

      But, be persistent, stay focused and intent as you review and study the instructions.

      If your questions is “how to target” the tracks; those instructions lay it all out for you. 

      The Practical:

      1. You said you have the Click Tracks down and how to use them… that's great … then you should still be using them for emotional issues that arise and you always will. Addressing emotional issues can decrease over time as you address them, but something new will always surface and you have the tools for that.

      2. Listen to the two sets of tutorials in the Level 1 Package more than once and each time, take notes.  As I said, Tim outlines how to use the tools… what to target, etc…. in those tutorials.  If you saying they don't, then you need to go back to them because the content is there to help you do just that.

      3. Frustration with a process is always a worthy target for the Click Tracks because, as you know, the emotions only get in the way of our healing.

      But, dig a little deeper for the reasons for that frustration.

      Many times not being willing gets in the way and a couple suggested questions to ask are:

      'Why am I unwilling to listen to the tutorial, take notes and then listen again and review my notes?'
      'Why am I frustrated about this tutorial or instructional style?'

      You may find other emotions in the way and also beliefs as well that prevent you from integrating tools and concepts to help your mind expand.

      4. When it comes to not finding the time or not having the time, that manifestation is caused by other emotional issues and beliefs that fuel that belief… in other words, 'I don't have the time to do this' is a general belief and you may have to drill down a bit for beliefs that are more specific.

      Think about what you have written…
      [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]What is clearly needed, judging from the numerous people who contact you is a protocol”[/color]

      First of all, there is a “protocol” or you can even call it an algorithm if you wish… it's outlined in the tutorials I referenced above.

      But, you have a belief that says there are a large number of people that need a “new” protocol.  You don't know that as true.  In fact, the number of people that frequent this forum is a very, very small percentage of the number of people that are using the PSTEC Tools successfully.  So, in truth, it's not an indication of anything except individuals struggling with their current mind model that is giving them the problems in the first place.

      Do some people quit and move on the healing merry-go-round?  Sure, and the usual culprit is a lack of willingness to do what is necessary.  Our subconscious programming from the past tries to maintain the familiar and will find alibis to keep us from actually practicing healing… practicing change in our mind model.

      But, that statement exposes some beliefs that are in your way.

      5. Now, as you will find in the Level 1 Tutorials, Tim Talks about using PSTEC Positive to shift beliefs.

      6. So, there are 3 aspects to consider: emotions, beliefs and behaviors (or habits).

      Use the Click Tracks and EEF's on emotional issues.
      Use PSTEC Positive on beliefs and behaviors.

      There can be confusion within any particular individual that prevents them from[
      “seeing the forest for the trees” and that is the purpose of this forum, to give some specific assistance without charge but sometimes that may not be enough and obtaining personal one-on-one assistance is the best path for someone to get beyond the perceived barriers in their mind.

      You have asked what to do next and I have outlined it above.

      If you have a specific issue you are working on and want some guidance to that specifically, you will have to share some of the details for me to help you.

      But, if you wish to work on your own with Tim's Tools, follow the outline above to at least get started and if you are still stuck, consider having a practitioner guide you through a few exercises.

      Malama Pono!
      (take care, be Right)