Reply To: written instructions please


    The instructions contain positive suggestions so you actually should listen to them, preferably at least twice. The prioritising of audio instructions is because they are better since hearing the instructions allows those positive suggestions to be more effectively delivered to your subconscious.

    Also I would point out that everything has a price attached to it. The price of wanting to use PStec to help you is that you are going to have to give your time to it in return. You have to give 7 minutes for each play of the accelerator. 15 minutes for the click tracks. 15 minutes for the basic instructions. An hour for the therapist tutorial and so on. If you put the time in you'll get the reward but that is your choice.

    An analogy is if a student wants a degree they have to go to the lessons and do the work. They can say I want a degree now by doing nothing but it doesn't work that way. In that case there's no point complaining, instead it's best to accept the reality and go to university with a positive attitude and a good work ethic. Then they can get the best degree possible. So it's best to make the decision now that you're going to put the time into PStec and you are going to have a positive attitude while listening to the tracks. Instead of rushing you listen patiently and attentively and then you can more smoothly move towards your goal. Listening this way you will take in the information better and understand more easily. It's kinda like the tortoise and the hare. And as a bonus, this way when you've had to work for it you can take pride that you've earned it.