Reply To: PSTEC for Complex PTSD

Dr Steve Price

    Hi Silentbob

    Yes, I have had success with PSTEC, especially the free stuff. Here are my bullet points

    1. Born 1963 by Caesarian section
    2. Given up for adoption aged 8 months
    3. Spell in children's home
    4. adopted
    5. Three failed marriages
    6. Military service in a war one
    7. Three bone breaking road accidents
    8. Spell in a serious burns unit 15% skin grafts
    9. Serious alcohol issues
    10. One nervous breakdown (involving the police)
    11. A lifetime of academic endeavour.

    12.blah de blah. I could go on.

    13. PSTEC has got me back on the fairway. (But I'll be the judge)

    @ Peter I've downloaded (bought and paid for) Level 1. Quite an eye opener!

    BTW All. I'm getting side effects including fatigue, but I've also noticed the chest pains have gone.