PSTEC for Complex PTSD

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    Dr Steve Price
    PSTEC User

      Hi Silentbob

      Yes, I have had success with PSTEC, especially the free stuff. Here are my bullet points

      1. Born 1963 by Caesarian section
      2. Given up for adoption aged 8 months
      3. Spell in children's home
      4. adopted
      5. Three failed marriages
      6. Military service in a war one
      7. Three bone breaking road accidents
      8. Spell in a serious burns unit 15% skin grafts
      9. Serious alcohol issues
      10. One nervous breakdown (involving the police)
      11. A lifetime of academic endeavour.

      12.blah de blah. I could go on.

      13. PSTEC has got me back on the fairway. (But I'll be the judge)

      @ Peter I've downloaded (bought and paid for) Level 1. Quite an eye opener!

      BTW All. I'm getting side effects including fatigue, but I've also noticed the chest pains have gone.


      PSTEC User

        Great Dr Price! I am happy for your success.

        But, free stuff was nothing for me, even PP (PSTEC Positive) didn't helped me much. I was disappointed in PSTEC back than. Then I tried with hypnotherapy. That was not good enough for me. Local hypnotherapist helped me some, but not much. Just recently I got back on PSTEC and discovered PN (PSTEC Negative). Look like I have a lot and strong negative beliefs which was hold me down. Real success came with PN (in combination with PP and CT, of course).

        But this, now, is just beginning for me! I have a lot of work to do. When I finish I'll tell my story. So, this is what is important for me: Real things. No offence Dr Price. I wish you all the best. And keep clicking! :)

        PSTEC User

          My sincere apologies to Dr Price. Now I see I was very rude. My problem is social anxiety and it's obvious that I need to work on my relationships with people. Now I can talk with people but it's not always appropriate like I did here. I was CT today some painful emotions about my cold father and some other events.

          Sorry Dr Price!

          Dr Steve Price
          PSTEC User

            No worries SilentBob! It's good to hear you're gathering fresh insights.

            I offered the references to demonstrate the congruence and convergence of PSTEC with other systems of compassion based therapy and as a potential source of insight into the aspects people  might like to work on. Emotional pain can get expressed in a myriad of ways and we can't always put our finger on the source straight away. As Tim Phizackerly says it can take a little while for the subconscious to catch up and it's important to be kind to yourself as you work things through.

            Peter Bunyan
            PSTEC User

              Steve & SilentBob

              I think this thread has wandered off-topic for long enough and should finish here. I look forward to hearing from both of you again soon, but on another or new topic.

              Keep on clicking!

              Dr Steve Price
              PSTEC User

                Agreed Peter,

                Perhaps we should leave the last word in this thread with Dr Bruce Lipton (very grateful for the link Peter)


                Best wishes and every success to everybody out there clicking  ;D


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