Reply To: PSTEC for Complex PTSD


    Great Dr Price! I am happy for your success.

    But, free stuff was nothing for me, even PP (PSTEC Positive) didn't helped me much. I was disappointed in PSTEC back than. Then I tried with hypnotherapy. That was not good enough for me. Local hypnotherapist helped me some, but not much. Just recently I got back on PSTEC and discovered PN (PSTEC Negative). Look like I have a lot and strong negative beliefs which was hold me down. Real success came with PN (in combination with PP and CT, of course).

    But this, now, is just beginning for me! I have a lot of work to do. When I finish I'll tell my story. So, this is what is important for me: Real things. No offence Dr Price. I wish you all the best. And keep clicking! :)