Reply To: newbie achtung


    Thanks for your response. I get a bit too abstract at times. I'm not talking about the conditioned mind, or reconditioned.

    I'm talking that most deepest aspect of consciousness no one really knows about. This goes for the soul as well! There are perspectives that opine one does not want a soul. A soul is what might force/trick one to REincarnate. Apparently Nature didn't intend for a soul or sap to keep reincarnating on the same planet. This seems to be one of those major secrets that I recently hit on after two decades of searching.

    I think the fact is we've been lied to on all fronts and the masses are still clueless due to this. I'm of course not talking about these psychological protocols which address more superficial levels.

    I did not realize that even Hermetic thought makes the claim that man isn't supposed to Keep reincarnating on the same planet!! We can and do but this is due to something else regarding our souls being a kind of leverage point for the deceptions in the astral plane to reroute a soul/memory construct back down.

    New perspectives…….. I know I don't ever want to come back here if I don't have to.  Maybe if we somehow got rid of these “elites”.