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      A newbie to PSTEC tho not in any way new to other modes of mind manipulation. I recently got the free click tracks and the abundance track. Experienced immediate results with the click track although for light weight issues.

      Due to subjective flux, I'm not sure of lasting results or results for more serious or deeper issues. But I gather that's not the point (due to the technique's Level of application). But what I mean is the nature of the stress or fear. There is a vast difference twixt (say) speaking before a hall of people and take your pick; serving on the front lines, chased by state police, facing homelessness or disease etc and so forth. These are issues that are pressing and I've so far found that pressing issues are kust that until the threat itself is gone. But it's still early in the game and from what I have experienced there is validity here.   

      I think the suggestions and or overall message on the abundance track is superb. I need this and have been diligent with this track. No results and hopefully it is still too early. I too have an acquired belief (as per the other post on trauma etc) that the world sucks and is full of traps. The System. I found it hilarious when the author claimed there is so much good out there. 

      This is more a philosophy however. But that's still a belief.

      Well, my first direct question is a bit different than others' queries. But, I'm sure you're all familiar with the idea of the so called higher self. Could be a misnomer or misconception even. But let's assume we have a deeper aspect of mind that really is more endowed than one's beta or waking consciousness and subconscious for that matter. 

      So many traditions make this claim about a higher or deeper mind. I'm referring to something below the subconscious naturally. This supposed intangible field (some aspect of personal unconscious or even deeper), which is supposedly an aspect of The greater Field of Consciousness. I'm sure you're all familiar with this as it's everywhere. Very much a part of Western magic as well as Eastern thought. 

      I am truly wondering what the heck mine is up to, if I have one. If we have an all knowing aspect, what's with all the clueless ness on this planet? One obvious answer is that folks are simply cut off from that. I'm still trying to prove to myself that I have some deeper aspect….

      I was able to do this – or at least thought I was onto something. I could think and do in certain ways that caused unlikely events to manifest in the environs. Was heavily into magick for example. But much of this has dried up and in the interim have learned that… well, to cut this short I'll just say things aren't as they appear.

      So I'm wondering why, with such a (supposed) powerful deep mind, most everyone (or a large percentage) has issues they can't remedy themselves.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha vorith… mahalo for the inquiry; I appreciate it!

        It could be viewed that your questions span wide and deep and even present complications and complexities … but maybe not.

        What makes something appear complicated or simple… right or wrong… permanent or temporary?

        Tim would say it's your mind model that creates that perception… mine creates yet another perception and then, when you step back and realize the Truth, there are about 7 billion different perceptions trying to make sense of it and all each in their own “little way.”

        Our  mind model with it's emotions, beliefs and behaviors are what give us our own personal experience and manifestations. You cannot discover any idea, opinion, view, etc. that the entire world agrees upon, can you?  Those nasty mind models and differing perceptions get in the way… you could even say they create separation, problems, conflicts and even worse.  It's true, once a while we seem to agree, but it rarely last very long.

        Here comes some simplicity…

        Your mind model that you become attached to and others you are adverse to keep you where you are… some examples of perceptions of your mind model as expressed in your post:

        • “I'm not sure of lasting results or results for more serious or deeper issues.”
        • “There is a vast difference twixt (say) speaking before a hall of people and take your pick; serving on the front lines, chased by state police …”
        • “These are issues that are pressing and I've so far found that pressing issues are kust that until the threat itself is gone”
        • “world sucks and is full of traps.”
        • “found it hilarious when the author claimed there is so much good out there.”
        • [/list]There is a great example here…

          Take a look at those perceptions and if you desire a life of joy and peace, do those perceptions match up with that desire?

          These beliefs keep us stuck in the expectation of a reality that will match those beliefs.

          In my personal experience, when I stopped being suspicious, disappointed, angry and more (well, most of the time …  ); my experience changed.  Does that mean some of those experiences don't occur (well, I haven't had the state police after me… lately  )… does it mean I don't have “pressing” issues?  Sure, I do… I don't define them as “pressing” but they get handled and the key is that I can handle them in peace and as I do that more and more, the fires just don't show up as often and some never do any longer.  In other words, I have less pressing issues than before.

          Nana I Ke Kumu!
          Look to the Source!

          Our minds always look to a source… to the mind model … of how to react, how to act, how to feel and how to think.

          For me, it was about allowing that Higher Self to take more of an active part in my Life experience but I had to allow It to do just that.  But, before I would allow it, I had to let go of the previous ideas… the previous mind model… and either “create” a new one… create a new perception… or allow a new mind model to form with the assistance from the Higher Self.

          What is the Higher Self and how to do that?  That, my friend, is for each of us to discover because it seems to be an experiential phenomenon for everyone, not something we can always pin down in a laboratory.

          Nana I Ke Kumu!
          What is the source of your mind model?

        • Is it a group of ideas and experiences you learned as a young person and that you are still living through?
        • Or, is it a new way you devised?
        • Or, is it a magical way that someone else espouses?
        • Or, is it the Source of All as some would say… that “Greater Field of Consciousness?
        • [/list]
          If you wish to shift it… Nana I Ke Kumu… Look to the source of the current mind model; the beliefs, emotions and behaviors and pull out your PSTEC Tool of choice and shift it.

          Then, as you become clear from the old mind model, you can either devise another one of your own making or Nana I Ke Kumu… Look to the Source in that silence and see what comes up.  You may just surprise yourself… maybe even amaze yourself.

          So, to answer your questions…

          If we have an all knowing aspect, what's with all the cluelessness on this planet?

          I believe people are looking to old mind models or other variations they themselves devise or some magical way others devise instead of looking into Absolute Truths. But, again, this is something for each individual to discover themselves.

          PSTEC is not here to plant beliefs for you, but to help you facilitate the mind model shifts that you desire.  What you experience, I believe literally, is up to you.

          So I'm wondering why, with such a (supposed) powerful deep mind, most everyone (or a large percentage) has issues they can't remedy themselves?

          Well, they can but there are two big obstacles for people and the obstacles are within their own minds…

          A person's expectation… belief… that they cannot shift or let go of the old mind model can keep them right where they are.  They do this because they continue to look to the source that creates issues, unpleasant emotions and results and also limiting experiences.

          They are unwilling to let go of that old mind model.  Be willing to let go of old beliefs, behaviors, emotional attachments, emotional aversions, ideas, thoughts and even values; and see what happens.

          This is also what makes shifting “seem” difficult… not being willing to let go of the old mind model.

          You see, people want to change, but are unwilling to let go of the old mind model. Many want to change without giving it up all the while not realizing that they would not be giving up anything of value!

          Shift the Source of your mind model and shift your experiences.

          Clear out the old and see what happens… one can always go back to the old if they wish.

          Malama Pono!

        PSTEC User

          Thanks for your response. I get a bit too abstract at times. I'm not talking about the conditioned mind, or reconditioned.

          I'm talking that most deepest aspect of consciousness no one really knows about. This goes for the soul as well! There are perspectives that opine one does not want a soul. A soul is what might force/trick one to REincarnate. Apparently Nature didn't intend for a soul or sap to keep reincarnating on the same planet. This seems to be one of those major secrets that I recently hit on after two decades of searching.

          I think the fact is we've been lied to on all fronts and the masses are still clueless due to this. I'm of course not talking about these psychological protocols which address more superficial levels.

          I did not realize that even Hermetic thought makes the claim that man isn't supposed to Keep reincarnating on the same planet!! We can and do but this is due to something else regarding our souls being a kind of leverage point for the deceptions in the astral plane to reroute a soul/memory construct back down.

          New perspectives…….. I know I don't ever want to come back here if I don't have to.  Maybe if we somehow got rid of these “elites”.

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            “I'm not talking about the conditioned mind, or reconditioned.”

            True, and that's the point … if we wish to experience more and more of what you referred to as “… most deepest aspect of consciousness no one really knows about” then we have to “get out of the way” and we do that by addressing the most 'cumbersome' thoughts, feelings and behaviors that keep us completely distracted that we can barely survive, let along thrive and also explore that deep part of our Mind… maybe the Truth of Who and What we are.

            I am going to go back to how you “defined” that Deep Consciousness… or basically stated that we have not been able to define it and maybe that's the further point… we cannot define it in a human manner or using human definitions.

            So, if it cannot be defined, be careful about attempting to put something that cannot be contained into our own personal (or even recommended) containers because when we do, we limit it or “seem” to limit it.

            While it's not dangerous to define in this way so perhaps “being careful” is not necessary, but if we desire to know these aspects of our Mind… these aspects that seem of another realm or reality, then it behooves us to remove our “little” mind more and more so that we can allow that Greater Mind more freedom in our personal experiences.

            So, be a Click Track Fiend and remove those emotional attachments and aversions and also get some mileage out of your PSTEC Positive and begin to suggest unlimited perspectives and beliefs.  Again, do that consistently and you might just surprise yourself with experiences that allow you to see not only the world, but your fellow human beings in another Light.  And, it's certainly easier on you.

            Keep it simple and persist!
            When it doubt, get back to PSTEC Fundamentals!

            Aloha nui loa!

            PSTEC User

              A lovely reply. Clearing out the garbage is axiomatic in all (ie magical) schools of thought. Been there done that. That is… I frigging try and have tried. This is the problem and has always been the problem! Too much worry, stress. A most effective block.

              Ok point taken. I will admit that within the past week I've had a few Alternative viewpoints crop up which really surprised me. Nothing to act on  – but was quite the indicator of how limited my perspective has been (tho all the while knowing that, doh).

              Danke Schon.

              ps. I think the VA should know about these click tracks!! 

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Ah, a very enlightening reply… hopefully for others as well…

                True, clearing, cleaning, releasing, letting go… nothing new there, right?  I would call that a fundamental and as long as we have these “odd” human minds in their current phase of evolution, then we will have to take out the garbage.

                What Tim has done is just make the clearing/cleaning more effective and quicker for the most part.  It's not THE answer… not the ONLY ANSWER… just another way, but one that is quite proven for a very, very large number of people with a variety of challenges.

                Point take about the VA … ah, but those nasty beliefs and ideas get in the way when we are so very attached to them… so, institutions, like individuals, tend to shift their minds slowly…

                Without going into the details of your specific issues, it appears that the beliefs are playing a role as well.  Quite often we can Click Track (CT) an emotional attachment, let's say a person gets angry when someone is late for an appointment, and even CT that experience and others including a beginning or first experience and, many times, done deal and time to move on.  But, if (not always) a strong belief is formed as well, we can CT that until the cows come home (such an odd phrase, yah?  ??? ) but if we do not address the underlying belief, the emotion can return.

                So, let's say the belief is “People who arrive late don't care about me” … although the past experiences are neutral in the moment, if that belief stays in place, then it can begin the cycle of creating an emotion all over again and it “seems” we are back in the same place or stuck… or it does not work.

                The reality is not so much that it did not work but that the mind in this example creating it all over again and since it's based upon the same belief, it looks identical.

                As you find CT's working well, ALWAYS take the next step and at least in some small way, incorporate the use of PSTEC Positive for helping to shift beliefs and behaviors!

                We are funny creatures, aren't we… gotta laugh about and it sure makes it easier!  ;D

                Mahalo nui!

                PSTEC User

                  Oddly or amazingly, science has found that the human brain is… shrinking. Although and of course you won't find this stuff in mainstream media there is the thought that we are actually devolving. Consider this in tandem with those with no or little brain tissue yet have fair IQ's.
                  It almost sounds like we are transcending the physical brain but they are saying that we are actually falling from a more advanced state.

                  Rather than VA, I meant to say combat vets (tho I am not one).

                  As far as my abstractions I can be grateful for the nice understandings that Will manifest. Or else! 

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