Reply To: newbie achtung

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    “I'm not talking about the conditioned mind, or reconditioned.”

    True, and that's the point … if we wish to experience more and more of what you referred to as “… most deepest aspect of consciousness no one really knows about” then we have to “get out of the way” and we do that by addressing the most 'cumbersome' thoughts, feelings and behaviors that keep us completely distracted that we can barely survive, let along thrive and also explore that deep part of our Mind… maybe the Truth of Who and What we are.

    I am going to go back to how you “defined” that Deep Consciousness… or basically stated that we have not been able to define it and maybe that's the further point… we cannot define it in a human manner or using human definitions.

    So, if it cannot be defined, be careful about attempting to put something that cannot be contained into our own personal (or even recommended) containers because when we do, we limit it or “seem” to limit it.

    While it's not dangerous to define in this way so perhaps “being careful” is not necessary, but if we desire to know these aspects of our Mind… these aspects that seem of another realm or reality, then it behooves us to remove our “little” mind more and more so that we can allow that Greater Mind more freedom in our personal experiences.

    So, be a Click Track Fiend and remove those emotional attachments and aversions and also get some mileage out of your PSTEC Positive and begin to suggest unlimited perspectives and beliefs.  Again, do that consistently and you might just surprise yourself with experiences that allow you to see not only the world, but your fellow human beings in another Light.  And, it's certainly easier on you.

    Keep it simple and persist!
    When it doubt, get back to PSTEC Fundamentals!

    Aloha nui loa!