Reply To: newbie achtung

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ah, a very enlightening reply… hopefully for others as well…

    True, clearing, cleaning, releasing, letting go… nothing new there, right?  I would call that a fundamental and as long as we have these “odd” human minds in their current phase of evolution, then we will have to take out the garbage.

    What Tim has done is just make the clearing/cleaning more effective and quicker for the most part.  It's not THE answer… not the ONLY ANSWER… just another way, but one that is quite proven for a very, very large number of people with a variety of challenges.

    Point take about the VA … ah, but those nasty beliefs and ideas get in the way when we are so very attached to them… so, institutions, like individuals, tend to shift their minds slowly…

    Without going into the details of your specific issues, it appears that the beliefs are playing a role as well.  Quite often we can Click Track (CT) an emotional attachment, let's say a person gets angry when someone is late for an appointment, and even CT that experience and others including a beginning or first experience and, many times, done deal and time to move on.  But, if (not always) a strong belief is formed as well, we can CT that until the cows come home (such an odd phrase, yah?  ??? ) but if we do not address the underlying belief, the emotion can return.

    So, let's say the belief is “People who arrive late don't care about me” … although the past experiences are neutral in the moment, if that belief stays in place, then it can begin the cycle of creating an emotion all over again and it “seems” we are back in the same place or stuck… or it does not work.

    The reality is not so much that it did not work but that the mind in this example creating it all over again and since it's based upon the same belief, it looks identical.

    As you find CT's working well, ALWAYS take the next step and at least in some small way, incorporate the use of PSTEC Positive for helping to shift beliefs and behaviors!

    We are funny creatures, aren't we… gotta laugh about and it sure makes it easier!  ;D

    Mahalo nui!