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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Kei!

    Ya got quite a bit going on there, dontcha … least it seems like it inside, yah?

    Quite alright as many are also there and others have at one time or another … nothing special about your issues or perspectives but when we have several conflicting definitions, stories, perspectives, etc.; it can seem quite complex and also a bit hopeless which then brings us to frustration.

    General Tips:

    • So my first tip as you work on your own is to be sure to be organized and structure your self help with PSTEC.  If you have problems continuing on your own or hit a wall of some sorts, Silent Bob's suggestion is always a good one… get someone to guide you along.  Sometimes all one needs is a good session or two to recognize some aspects.

      Also, at times, we are capable to a point in working on our own but then we need that little boost from another person to get “over the hump.”

      That's one of the great benefits of working with a practitioner is the “management” of addressing the issues while at the same time highlighting progress and also keeping you from creating conflicting issues or sabotages.

    • Also, you have mentioned quite a bit about emotions and it's true, many times, when we release the emotions, other issues fade with them. But, if they don't or you find emotions returning, it's not that the CT's did not work, but there are other reasons and, quite often, there are belief issues. Sometimes they shift, sometimes not and when they don't, the emotions fade, but then the beliefs “re-create” them again.  So, it's actually not a repeat but the recreation of something you had before… a bit simplistic in explanation, but that will help you understand how it works.
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      So, be sure to spend more of your attention on discovering the limiting beliefs and using PSTEC Positive to shift them.

      Alright, let's get practical for you…

    • “is it normal to dwell on this unpleasant things from past trying to communicate with sub because they only make me feel bad… This sucks because period before this I had great success with pstec, great thoughts and more freedom was coming, and suddenly it doesn't work on this new feelings that came.”
      When the subconscious works, or communicates through thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, etc.; sometimes it comes with unpleasant or non-JEEP feelings.  Great!!!  That means you are becoming aware of what is beneath the issues that keep you “stuck” and opportunity also comes for you to uncover even more freedom!

      A great belief to integrate would be:

      All feelings and emotions are merely communications that do not harm me

      When unpleasant feelings arise it's an opportunity for me to release and find peace
      You see, the “dwelling” aspect is merely a belief that centers around thoughts that say, 'This sucks … I hate these kinds of feelings … I am desperate to get rid of them… etc.'

    • “i tried to delete one memory, and i could not feel the emotion related, i mean i could consciously imagine what it was like, but not to feel the emotion, and i wasn't clear about did i delete it because there were no emotions!”

      Again, I am seeing a preoccupation with emotions… and if you have no unpleasant emotions around it, no need usually to CT at the time.  If there are limitations, look at beliefs and behaviors and then use PP to help integrate new and unlimited beliefs and behaviors.

    • Beware of the desire to “control.” If you notice the feelings that motivate wanting a 'sense of control” you will notice, for the most part, fear and desires to avoid people, places and things because of fear.  Look to release the fear when it shows up because when fear arise, what? … it's an opportunity for me to release and find peace”… Yep!

      Rather than control situations, learn to become imperturbable, like this:

      When ____________ arises I am calm and at peace
      (just fill in the blank with anything that normally robs you of your peace… it can be stressful events, it can be crowds, it can be low checking account … anything.  Then, use that or those sentences with your … um … let's see… oh yeah … PSTEC Positive!)

    • “disorders can be inherited”
      As Silent Bob stated, “Disorders can be inherited? I don't believe in that.”
      He's right… he doesn't.

      Ah, but he's also wrong when he says, “You don't believe in that, either.”
      (Sorry Bob; I know, I know, it was probably more of a question; but the assumption is incorrect… Kei does believe it to some degree as he expressed. But, no problem, address it with PP with a statement like this):

      I did not inherit my father's ways because I determine my own worth and behaviors
      I have broken the family mind patterns because I am ____________________
      (couple nice subtleties in that one)

      Get the pattern going on here?

    • “When i click on this i feel helpless and cry during CT but not feeling shifted.”

      Yikes… look at that belief!!  What do you think?  Empowering or limited?

      If it's what you want, keep it.
      If not, craft a PP in the other direction and PP the new beliefs until you KNOW they are YOURS.

    • [/list]Whew!

      I did not cover everything and also the suggested PP above might be able to be tweaked a bit, but it's a good start.

      Also, take a look at PSTEC Positive Secrets if you really want to delve into crafting excellent and effective PP Statements!  It's an essential!

      Malama Pono!