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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Kie!

    Start smaller and more specific…

    • i want to be completely free with people

      Instead of being free with people, who specifically do you want to be free with?  Begin there rather than targeting the entire planet.  You see?  When you're too general, quite often, the subconscious does not know what to do with it because there are too many extenuating circumstances and old fears to allow it to be free with the world, so it is probably rejecting that suggestion.

    • to do whatever i want

      Same as above… what does that mean? Imagine telling a child (re: subconscious) that has been traumatized and is fearful of many things to suddenly be told to do what the child wants.  Do you suppose the child will even try?  Probably not because the new suggestion goes against just about everything it knows.

    • [/list]Practical Suggestions:

    • Narrow your initial targets maybe to someone in particular or a small group of people in particular so that your subconscious can focus on that smaller target and either accepts suggestions or you will know specifically what barrier is in the way and will know better how to target it.
    • If emotions are high, PSTEC Positive is hard pressed to get the suggestion through to the subconscious.
    • Drill down… there are reasons you are not at east with people.  Begin to ask revealing questions such as:

      Why am I not at ease with people?
      What people exhaust me?
      What types of people exhaust me?
      What types of people do I find difficult to be with?
      Why am I bothered by other people's opinions?
      When am I most often not free to be myself among others?

      It's not analysis, it's merely asking the questions and receiving the answers you need to know to target your thoughts and actions of change.

    • These PP Statements are a bit general, which is fine but probably not on their own. They would need to be more specific based upon how you answer the questions to drill down as mentioned above.

      I am independent of other people's opinion.
      I am free (to be the person I want, to live life that I want)
      I want to feel calm and confident around people

    • When you target some specifics, be sure to CT the emotions first and then follow up with your new PP Statements.  Be sure the emotions are at least very low… below a 3 … zero is best of course.
    • [/list]

      Don't TAKE control of your mind… notice that has an element of “force” in that statement.  Shift your mind with ease and be patient as you do it.

      It's not important that you express your creativity, etc. in life because when you do what's important, then that will come naturally, easily and almost automatically.

      Here's what's important because it leads you to your desires and also does it in peace… so make this your priority in life… all your life…

    • If you feel non-JEEP, release and clear it.
    • If you have negative, limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits, shift your attention and intention in the other direction.
    • [/list]In the two above, when you are specific, your results will be terrific!