Reply To: bothered


    First thing I would point out is your attitude affects your results. If you don't believe the click tracks work then they won't work as well. So go in with an attitude that they will work. If you find this difficult then pretend that you believe that they will work. Use PStec Positive as well on this belief.

    Also you should try to focus on positives and eliminate negatives from your thoughts and life. When you think of your “socially inept father” you are telling your subconscious to look at socially inept and it will learn from that. Instead give your time to positive role models, think about what you want instead of what you don't want. So look at confident people and say I want to be like that for example.

    Another point is that when someone has had a high volume of problems it can take longer to clear. You say your mother criticised you a lot so that may take some time to clear. So be heartened that you are making progress even if you can't immediately see the results. Actions are the result of many beliefs and emotions so as you work through them you might not initially see the change in your actions. But eventually you will.

    You could also consider the PStec For PTSD as that is designed to help you move on from the past.