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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Kei… You could say there are two basic approaches to training or mentoring a successful mind and, in reality, they are not really different, per se, but in one you are adding an additional step to make the shift from a mind of limitation to one of unlimited possibilities with more ease and speed.

    Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic book “Think and Grow Rich,” advocated several steps and aspects in his pursuit or mentoring of a successful mind, but I would not classify his process as one of force at all but one of focus… focusing on what leads you to success or allows success in your life experience.

    That's truly what this is about… focus … attention.  If I have a mind model of success, my attention is upon thoughts, words and actions that lead to or allow success.  If I have a mind model of limitations, then that mind model focuses on (and you might say 'produces') thoughts, words and actions that are limited and then I conclude that I am not successful when I consciously desire more than my subconscious mind model will allow into my perception of the world… into my experience of life.

    That's the struggle… when I desire more than my current mind model allows and then one might try and force their conscious will upon the subconscious mind model… very tough, painful and, most often, futile; especially in the long run.

    Tim has introduced tools to give us the ability to focus on and produce thoughts, words and actions of success or at least the ability to focus on what we desire with unlimited potentials.

    One of those tools are the Click Tracks and EEF's to help clear away limiting emotional attachments and aversions so that it becomes easier to shift our mind model to one of success and, therefore, shift our life experiences to ones of success along with the JEEP that comes with that.

    Another group of tools comes under the PSTEC Positive banner and they help us shift, more quickly, our beliefs and behaviors or habits from limited potential (and usually painful experiences) to beliefs and behaviors of unlimited potentiality.

    Tim has put these together to apply to almost anything and to help speed the process by allowing us to shift the emotions, beliefs and behaviors more quickly and with “compressed repetition” which makes it seem like we don't have to do as much repetition and it results in shifts that occur more quickly and completely.

    For a more in-depth and step-by-step process of shifting your mind model from one of lack to one of unlimited possibilities… a mind geared toward success … click here to check out Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC.

    On PSTEC for PTSD… the package put together by Tim includes an intro, tutorial and also a loop to use, but it does not preclude the use of the tools I mentioned above, the Click Tracks and PSTEC Positive.

    It becomes a bit comical when people from time to time say, 'The tutorial just tells me how to use the CT's and I already know that … can't Tim do a new tool for this __________.'  The comical point being that they may “know” how to use the tracks but they either are not using them or not using them correctly.  What  what people do not realize is that approaching most of these issues is quite similar and that Tim's Tools can be used for almost anything… it's just a matter of what you focus on when you use the CT's, the EEf's, the Accelerators or the various PSTEC Positive tracks.

    Get back to fundamentals of shifting your mind model and stop looking for new tools, new methods, etc.  In other words, stop looking and start working on the shift.

    The search for “new and better” us usually the old mind model keeping you from changing it because it does not want to be replaced!

    Just move the junk out of the way and you will be amazed how easy this can be.

    Become a CT Fiend
    Make clearing emotions your first priority and maybe a lifetime priority because they get in the way… so, move them out of the way … and when you clear the emotions, clarity usually follows and you can more easily navigate the world and know what thoughts need to shift in order to allow a shift in perception and then a shift in experience.

    Yes, “past is past” and you can try and force yourself to forget or, more accurately what most do, ignore it.  But, it will come back to bite you and when we ignore the emotions and they seem to return, many times, they return with a vengeance.

    So, clear the emotional attachments and aversions and when you do, reevaluate your perceptions… notice the shifts.  How do you feel about that event, the places, the people? 

    Get to the Source of the Issues
    Do not target your insecurity… that is a symptom or manifestation of your mind model.  Target the building blocks of your current mind model… the foundation … which consists of emotional responses to memories and imagined events; like …

    “my insanely ''moralist'' mother started abusing me with harsh critique that i am never good enough, not appropriate, always embarrassing her, this and that, and that is pretty much everything i heard from her. Not a single smile, play or conversation with is given that i remember, she total neglect everything that i am and if i was ever showing myself she marked it as something utterly bad. Ok, I wasn't buying all this junk, but I soon had learned it is not ok to be me, i have to put a mask on it to protect me from world.”

    Now, if you did not “buy into it” it would not be an issue… but it is, so you did buy into it and you still do because it is still defining you and your life

    CT the heck out of any memories about mom until you feel compassion for her… shift the beliefs that seem to come out of her, out of your experiences with her … if the belief or thought is limiting, shift it with PP.

    Same process with this…

    “boyfriend who was extremely intelligent and abusive that convinced me totally that i am crazy, not good by his stupid standards, that my friends are idiots, and whole myself is one big nothing, nothing to love and appreciate about me, and most ugliest things he bump into my head. “

    CT emotions, use PP to shift beliefs from limiting to unlimited and, let me add this, loving.

    You might claim:
    “i have no counteractions accessing these moments of abusing”

    But, in your brief forum post, you have listed plenty of memories to begin with… to CT … and then you will find more clarity as you CT, not just the memories, but the images and feelings around those two people.

    You are looking to let go of your experiences with them… let go of the emotional attachment… AND… let them go … yes, let them off the hook!  When you do, you will find you too will be let off the hook.  Stop blaming them, stop blaming yourself, stop using the past as a foundational piece in which to live life and judge the world.  When you let go of the past, you let go of regret as well.

    Now, get to work!!!  :D

    Aloha nui loa!