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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Endy!

    Let's start here … start from scratch and keep it simple and then, ultimately, if you get “stuck” working on your own, find a way to get some help from a practitioner to help guide you through the rough spots, ok?

    1. Begin with the emotional upsets using the free Click Tracks.

    From your forum post, there is limited info, but here are some clues from there:

    * so many things happened for the last couple of years
    * 2 years ago , we discovered that my grandpa (he was so close to me ) has cancer and couple of months later we lost him and this broke me and affected me really badly that I got depressed ever since

    Jot down a short list of the things that you consider upsetting in the past, not just from 2 years ago, but from earlier as well.

    Take that list along with your experience when your grandpa passed and Click Track (CT) each memory until it's down to 0-1.

    Keep in mind, this does not erase the memory, but it neutralizes the feelings/emotions around them.  So, what happens is that when the emotions are neutralized, your perception can shift.  After you CT a memory, sit with the new perception and observe what that might be.

    For example, instead of your grandpa's passing being a “depressing” event; it can be a means to celebrate because you were able to experience love from and with him; you were able to have a close relationship with him and enjoy some years with him and you have a mentor in him, even though he is now passed, that you can draw on for strength and wisdom.  Yes, it's true, years from now you will remember something he said and the meaning to you will hit you and can help guide your Life in joy and peace!  :)

    So, expect and look for the changes in your perception.

    2. Change beliefs and behaviors… we accelerate this with PSTEC Positive and change beliefs.

    Sometimes when you neutralize emotions, the beliefs shift as well… just like I described in #1 above.

    But, sometimes we must shift the beliefs more intentionally and you can do that with PP.

    Here are some beliefs from your post that are limiting and causing you pain…

    * I can never move on and cope with things that happens in life
    * everything in life is just dark and scary
    * I'm always afraid of what's gonna happen tomorrow
    * I'm just living in the past and I can't get over it
    * I've tried almost every possible way but failed terribly
    * everyone around me think that I'm just overreacting
    * they always say that I'm “too young” for depression and stuff like that (I'm 16 btw) and I don't know what to do , it's getting worse and worse
    * I can't sleep at night
    * I can't concentrate in things that I'm doing such as school and classes
    * I'm getting antisocial as people are saying
    * I'm just scared of literally everything in life
    * people around me just never seem to understand

    We can neutralize the emotions, but sometimes the beliefs are strong and then the emotion gets “recreated” so to speak and it seems like the cycle beings all over again.

    So, you can address this with PP, for example, with:
    I can never move on and cope with things that happens in life

    You can use PP with a statement something like this:
    When tragic events occur I become stronger as I move on in life

    You see?

    Imagine having that belief before all this happened?
    Would you have acted differently than you are now?
    Do you see the power in that?

    Guess what?

    It's never too late to shift those beliefs so that not only can you begin to move on now but you can also have a new skill in life where, when other events occur, you become more and more imperturbable!

    Cool, yah?

    If you need help, let us know!

    Malama Pono!